Keeping Promises

Trump said he was going to remove job-killing regulations and reduce the size of of the federal government and he’s doing it.  Yesterday, he signed FOUR bills toward that end.  I’m really excited about the two that get the feds out of education!

President Trump Signs House Joint Resolution 37, 44, 57 and 58

“It’s going to lead to a lot of jobs and be good for many, many people. … We have a lot more coming.”

  • H.J.Res.37 – Cancels the so-called “blacklisting rule” that has made trial lawyers rich at the expense of job creating American businesses.
  • H.J.Res.44 – Returns control of land use to state and local authorities.
  • H.J.Res.57 – Returns control of elementary and secondary education to state and local authorities.
  • H.J.Res.58 – Returns control of teacher preparation programs to state and local authorities.

2017_03 27 Eliminating regulations

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