SJWs and their FAKE issues

I wish the people who get upset about these kinds of stoooooooooopid non-issues would spare a moment of concern for the victims of abortion and sex trafficking.

2017_03 23 Wonder Woman's arm pits

Also from Matt Walsh:

In another fake outrage story. Shannon Watts, known for being the founder of a leftist anti-gun group, tweeted that “girls in leggings” were being prevented from boarding her United flight. Of course the story went immediately viral with everyone sneering at United for its “sexism” (because apparently one must be pro-Spandex if one is to be pro-woman).

There were already boycotts being organized before anyone bothered to look into the real story. And the real story is that “girls in leggings” are allowed to fly United, unless they are flying on the employee discount given to family members of United employees. In that case, a professional dress code is enforced, which reasonably rules out Spandex pants as well as many other forms of unprofessional attire.

Perhaps we will eventually be treated to a day free from fake, ginned up outrage, but today was not that day. Better luck tomorrow.


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