It’s so fantastic to AGAIN have a president who LOVES America!

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  1. Pistol Pete

    understand:Donald trump never was,is not,nor ever will be a conservative as we know the meaning of the word.He is a smart businessman who recognized a career opportunity,correctly read the frustration of simple working people and pulled the biggest political upset perhaps in history.He left the healthcare overhaul in the hands of uber-RINO Paul Ryan,who has never done anything overtly conservative.He is the favorite son from a heavily democrat district in Wisconsin.Pushing a total repeal of Obamacare would put the one thing he values most at risk:his position and the money and power that go with it.
    Do not be surprised when Trump begins collaborating with republican turncoats and soulless democrats to “get things done.”Schumer is salivating over the prospect of appropriating political power unto himself.He’s voiced his willingness to work with Trump and the “republicans’ to “fix O-Care,as long as repeal is off the table.
    You go to war against Obamacare with the President you have

    We don’t have a conservative president, but we do have a president open to doing conservative things.
    The main problem was that the conservative candidate in the Republican primary, Ted Cruz, didn’t win, and the winner wasn’t an ideological conservative, You go to war against Obamacare with the President you have:
    Trump’s going to do some non-conservative things, but he’s the only opportunity we currently have or are likely to have in the near future to promote conservatism.

    White House says Trump willing to turn to Democrats for help on health care

    Democrats in the House were united in opposition to the plan put forward by House Republican leaders and the administration, saying Obamacare should be fixed, not ended.

    Asked if working with Democrats would require a serious course correction by the administration, Mr. Spicer said, “Sure.”

    “The president’s willing to listen to these individuals,” he said, adding that the White House is looking for a plan that can receive support from a majority of House lawmakers.


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