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Keystone Approved

Donald Trump just posted this on Facebook:

Pleased to announce official approval of the permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline. This is the start of a new era for AMERICAN ENERGY!

2017_03 24 Keystone approved

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Lefties love to give each other prizes!

They don’t mean diddly, but they look so good on the shelf, you know?

And here’s the latest from the folks who can’t STAND IT that Hillary lost.

Clinton cash

Chelsea Clinton, who recently reached the grand old age of 37, is getting a “Lifetime Achievement” award for her role as vice chair of the Clinton Foundation.

I guess in Leftie Land, when mommy and daddy give you a job with their corrupt “charity” organization, it means you ACHIEVED something special.

I wonder if the award is going to say “I PARTICIPATED!” on it.

I wasn’t able to find out how many hours she may or may not have worked.  She reportedly took no salary, but according to Wikileaked Podesta emails,

“Chelsea Clinton used her family foundation’s cash to pay for her wedding, living expenses and taxes on gifts of cash from her parents.”

Bill Allison, a senior fellow at the Sunlight Foundation, a government watchdog group, looked into the Clinton Foundation and concluded that it “operates as a slush fund for the Clintons.”


LOL Chelsea Clinton to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award

The Clintons’ Top 10 Pay-to-Play Scandals

7 Things You Need to Know About the Clinton Foundation

Chelsea Clinton used foundation to help pay for wedding: Wikileaks email


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The MSM Knew Obama Spied on Trump and LIED to Cover It Up

2013 Obama spying

Here is the Cliff Notes version:

Our national media made no secret of the fact that Obama and his team had spied on Team Trump.

They thought it was great good fun and that there would be no repercussions.  After all, they and their man Barack had been getting away with much worse for 8 years.

Then on March 4, Trump tweeted that Obama had spied on him.

Suddenly, the media had to deny what they’d been telling us all along in hopes of covering Obama’s back side.

But Trump was telling the truth.

The link to the full story by John Nolte, including evidence to support each claim.


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Let’s hope this kid wins

Trans school toon

It’s not just boys wanting to use the girls’ rooms who are causing problems. I just couldn’t find a graphic or toon that went the other way.  [PSA: Unless you want to see a lot of porn, do not google “bathroom male female.”  I really need some eye bleach!]

A teenage BOY has filed a lawsuit against his school district, alleging that he was shamed by school leaders for wanting to be protected from having to undress with a girl in the boys’ locker room.  

They told him that her “mental self-identity” took precedence over his right to personal privacy.

They also told him that, if he couldn’t bring himself to act “natural” while changing in front of a girl, he could change in the nurse’s room.

She got to barge into the boys’ locker room, but he could use the nurse’s room?  Unbelievable.

Also, the school district never informed parents that they had decided to allow students of one sex to use the locker rooms and bathrooms of students of the opposite sex, so this boy was totally blindsided.

He was actually down to his jockeys when he realized there was a half clad female in the room with him.  And they told HIM that he needed to get over himself!

Damn, but this makes me ANGRY.  I really Really REALLY hope he wins!



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Mark Dice Exposes News Fakery

Both MSNBC and CNN simultaneously aired different interviews with the same person.  The only problem is that both networks claimed the interviews were LIVE.

So, unless that lady has an identical twin or has mastered the art of bilocation, one or both of these FAKE NEWS outlets lied about the “live” part.

It would hardly be the first time.  Media analyst Mark Dice has the story, plus some flashbacks to other news fakes he’s exposed in the past.

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The Wall

2017 Trump Agenda

Companies are now submitting proposals to construct President Trump’s promised wall along the Mexican border.

About 500 companies signed up to bid and designs are due to the Department of Homeland Security by next week, William La Jeunesse reported.

The White House has released preliminary guidelines for the wall, which must be 30 feet high while looking imposing from the Mexican side and aesthetically pleasing from the U.S.


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Welcome to my life

This Kickstarter project has met its goal, so this is NOT about asking you for money.  I just want to give those of you who are curious about my illness a little peek into what it’s about.

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The War Heats Up

Jesus told us this stuff would come at the end.

2017_03 23 Bus window smashed

2017_03 23 Cath Univ

2017_03 23 Silence critics

While this is a cultural and political battle, it is PRIMARILY a SPIRITUAL battle! We need to stay prayed up!

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