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Chuck E. Part Two

Once again, Schumer is caught in his hypocrisy!

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MSNBC: Slanted and Inaccurate

During MSNBC’s coverage of the London attack yesterday, Matt Bradley expressed more concern about the violence helping conservative politicians than about the harm it had done to the victims!

2017_03 22 NBC terror report

Bradley also downplayed any possible connection between the attack and Islamic terrorism, saying that MI-5 had found no terror link so far.

Minutes later, London police announced there was a terror link.

Meanwhile, the political editor for the British magazine New Statesman tweeted:

2017_03 23 Jerk tweets re diversity of terror victims

Never mind that they all spilled the same color blood.


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Not a one of them spoke a word

Ted Cruz Pulls Democrats’ Pants Down on Opposition to Judge Gorsuch

2017_03 Gorsuch - My job

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Very Fake News

On a day when London was reeling from a lethal terrorist attack, Human Rights Watch revealed the discovery of a mass grave filled with ISIS victims, a Supreme Court nominee was being grilled by the Senate, and our representatives were sweating over how exactly to go about replacing Obamacare, the Clown News Network devoted TEN MINUTES to this story.

2017_03 22 CNN Is pres afraid of stairs


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Chuck E.

My email is full of reminders to tell my senators I want them to confirm Neil Gorsuch.  Every time, I think the same thing.  “WHY WASTE MY TIME?!  I live in New York State!”

2017_03 21 Schumer tweet and response


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A crisis in their own minds

2017_03 22 Michael Moore tweet and response

2017_01 Donkey head - Trump


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Is it just me or does that sculptor look distinctly not female?

2017_03 22 Giant vagina

Tweeters commented:

  • You’re sending an unsolicited sexual gesture to someone to prove that sexual harassment is wrong?
  • So now Trump can grab ’em by the p***y?
  • I wish other women would stop making it harder for women to be taken seriously.
  • We are more than our crotches.
  • It’s filled with the brains of all the women who let their vaginas think for them.
  • Really paving the way for the next generation of empowered women.
  • And they say conservatives are obsessed with female body parts.



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