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Chelsea Clinton gets $250K/year Expedia board seat, just ‘cuz

In her newly named position, Mrs. Clinton will get $45,000 a year in cash, plus $250,000 a year in stock vesting over three years. What Mrs. Clinton’s responsibilities will be at the online travel-booking company is unclear — the company’s financial filings don’t detail.
Expedia’s chairman, billionaire Barry Diller, is a longtime Clinton ally and prolific fundraiser for the political family. During the 2016 presidential campaign, Mr. Diller and his wife Diane von Furstenberg hosted a “Conversation and Dinner with Hillary Clinton,” with tickets priced at $100,000 per couple.

Chelsea Clinton to Be Honored for Humanitarian Work
Former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton will be honored by Variety magazine next month for her humanitarian work along with five other women.
Variety announced Monday the six women who have been selected to be Variety‘s Lifetime Impact Honorees for their humanitarian work: Clinton; actresses Jessica Chastain, Blake Lively, and Audra McDonald; CBS host Gayle King; and media executive Shari Redstone.
The recipients will be recognized on the next cover of Variety and at the magazine’s Power of Women: New York luncheon on April 21.

Chelsea Clinton Doesn’t Care About The Money? | SUPERcuts! #451

Latest Snowflake Outrage: Wonder Woman Has No Armpit Hair
Twitter exploded at the revelation, claiming women of the fictional matriarchy Themyscira would probably not shave their armpits. Some speculated that Gadot’s armpits were photoshopped to show a sheen, immaculate visage, unattainable by real women.

These Parrots Can Make Other Parrots ‘Laugh’—a First
The kea of New Zealand is the first non-mammal species to demonstrate infectious laughter, a new study says.
The highly intelligent parrot has a specific call, that—like human laughter—puts other parrots that hear it in a good mood. This makes the kea the first known non-mammal to show contagious emotion, joining the ranks of humans, rats, and chimpanzees.

Transgender Weightlifter Wins Women’s Competition
A transgender weightlifter who transitioned from male to female caused outrage after he won a female competition Sunday.
Laurel Hubbard, born a male, outperformed his female competitors in the Australian International competition, reports AU.News.
Hubbard lifted about 591 pounds, compared to runner-up Iuniarra Sipaia, who lifted approximately 572 pounds.
One weightlifter pointed out that Hubbard competing in the women’s division could be unfair.

Cops: Botched Pizza Order Led To Gunfire
Teenage trio arrested for Nashville fusillade
 Police subsequently arrested Djuan Bowers, 18, Tynerick Turner, 17, and a 16-year-old boy. According to court records, Bowers was carrying a loaded Smith & Wesson pistol when apprehended, while two other handguns–a stolen .45 caliber Glock and a .40 caliber Beretta–were found inside the vehicle.

What the cluck! ENORMOUS chicken emerging from a coop leaves viewers baffled (and a little scared!)
The footage, filmed in Kosovo, shows the enormous chicken exiting its coop
Viewers have expressed their amazement at the sheer size of the animal
The short clip has been viewed an astonishing 81 million times

Owning a cat won’t make you mentally ill, study says

Cats are a primary host of Toxoplasma Gondii (T. Gondii), which is associated with mental health conditions like schizophrenia. That link led researchers to believe raising children in a household with cats could lead to later development of mental illness.
“The message for cat owners is clear: there is no evidence that cats pose a risk to children’s mental health,” Dr. Francesca Solmi, the study’s lead author, said in a news release. “In our study, initial unadjusted analyses suggested a small link between cat ownership and psychotic symptoms at age 13, but this turned out to be due to other factors.”


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  1. Pistol Pete

    Baby Giggles As Boxer Tickles His Stomach


  2. Pistol Pete

    Former Female Student Making Allegations Against Gorsuch Has Ties To Obama, Democrats…

    Another Sandra Fluke.
    Jennifer Sisk, a 2016 graduate of the University of Colorado Law School, wrote a scathing letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Sunday. In the letter, Sisk detailed her account of Gorsuch’s telling his law students that “many” women manipulate their employer’s maternity benefits after giving birth.
    Sisk is a former political appointee in the Obama administration and also worked as an aide to former Sen. Mark Udall, a Democrat from Colorado.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      The Dems are truly scraping the bottom of the barrel if something he said once about maternity benefits is the worst they can come up with. This is even lamer than Anita Hill’s “scandal” over something Clarence Thomas once said in front of a whole group of people that nobody was bothered about until he was set to become a conservative Supreme Court judge.

      Now watch how we’re supposed to RAGE and FROTH about this … when “the wise Latina” and the lesbian who wouldn’t recuse herself were treated like serious judicial scholars.

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  3. Pistol Pete

    Democrats Leaning on Joe Biden to Help Save Obamacare From Repeal

    Former Vice President Joe Biden will join House Democrats on Wednesday to rally together to save Obamacare the day before House Republicans vote on their repeal plan.

    Biden will appear in front of the Capitol at 10 a.m. alongside House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif) and other House Democrats, Politico reported Monday. The event will be one of Biden’s first major appearance since leaving office in January.

    Democrats have also invited Americans who have benefited from the law to what is being deemed a celebration marking the seventh anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, which was signed on March 23, 2010.


  4. Pistol Pete

    Sesame Street Will Introduce Julia, an Autistic Muppet

    Because autism is a spectrum and not one specific set of traits or challenges, Julia’s character required and will require extensive thought and consideration. “It’s tricky because autism is not one thing, because it is different for every single person who has autism. There is an expression that goes, “If you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism,” explained Ferraro.


  5. Pistol Pete

    Hillary’s Security Detail Hated Her So Much That They Laughed When She Fell and Broke Her Arm

    “We sort of got the last laugh. It was kind of like payback: You’re treating us like s–t. Hey karma is a b*tch! We were smiling to ourselves,” the agent told The Post on Wednesday.

    But Clinton, who frequently behaved like a diva-in-chief, according to the agent, made it worse by pointing the finger at her detail for the mishap.

    “She blamed us for breaking her elbow, saying it was our fault and we could have prevented that. She’s bad news,” the agent said.


  6. Pistol Pete

    Immigration Judges Dispatched to 12 U.S. Cities to Speed Deportations

    Cities the DOJ want to staff up includes New York; Los Angeles; Miami; New Orleans; San Francisco; Baltimore, Bloomington, Minnesota; El Paso, Texas; Harlingen, Texas; Imperial, California; Omaha, Nebraska, and Phoenix, Arizona, the news service says.

    This isn’t the first move to beef up immigration judge staff. Early in March the Trump administration also began sending judges to immigrant detention centers to speed up services.


  7. chrissythehyphenated

    Pro-abortion Democrat Dianne Feinstein said she probably will oppose Judge Gorsuch, because he believes “the intentional taking of a human life by private persons is always wrong.”

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  8. chrissythehyphenated

    This reminds me of Soylent Green.

    The abortion chain Carafem, known for brashly advertising a luxurious, spa-like abortion experience, opened another abortion facility earlier this month in Georgia.

    The abortion chain has worked hard to stand out by embracing its work killing unborn babies in abortions with pride. “We want to be really out loud about what we do.”


  9. chrissythehyphenated

    The Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Silver Spring, Maryland, permanently closed on St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, 2017, after pro-lifers showed the property’s management team that abortion is bad for business.

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  10. chrissythehyphenated

    Neil Gorsuch draws praise from a few Democrats as his Supreme Court confirmation hearings open. Sen. Michael Bennet, a Democrat, in introducing his fellow Coloradoan: “I may not always agree with his rulings, but I believe Judge Gorsuch is unquestionably committed to the rule of law.”

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  11. chrissythehyphenated

    Conservative media company The Blaze has suspended political commentator Tomi Lahren after her pro-abortion comments on The View.