I am amused

I am woman hear my eyes roll

The Women’s March tweeted: “How will you #ReflectAndResist this weekend? Let us know!”

Tweeters responded:

  • Seriously? They want us to reflect and resist on the weekends? PSHAW. That’s our sleep and do nothing time, people.
  • Reflect and Resist?  More like Deflect and Detest.
  • I’m going to teach my daughter to be a strong independent thinker, not like the sheep at the Women’s March.
  • I’m also going to teach my daughter to not act trashy!
  • I’m going to reflect on what a bunch of narcissistic whiners you are and resist making too much fun of you.
  • Imma resist wearing pants the whole time and reflect on how much I like being female.
  • By making my man the best sandwich evah.
  • Reflecting on how annoying feminazis are and resisting your hypocrisy and constant victimization.
  • So Women’s Marchers … did you denounce Bow Wow for wanting to pimp out the First Lady yet?  Didn’t think so.



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