Big Bird doesn’t need hand-outs from taxpayers!

Bizarro toon - Big Bird

Last year, Sesame Workshop had $158.2 million in revenues. 

96% came from distribution fees, royalties, toys, games, clothing, and food.
4% came from government grants.

Sesame Workshop’s CEO rakes in well over half a million in salary and benefits.  That’s five times the average pay for CEOs at nonprofits. 

And the other top ten Sesame Workshop honchos raked in an average of $382K, which is about six times the median household income in the U.S.

As for PBS, only about 15% of its budget comes from federal taxpayer-funds.  The rest comes from individuals, corporate underwriters, private grants, and state and local government support.

When the Washington Post looked into PBS’ financing a few years ago, it concluded:

“If Congress took this funding away, PBS would likely survive, though perhaps diminished.”

Diminished?  WHO CARES?!  Certainly not any of us on the right-wing whose political views are routinely sneered at on this so-called “public” station.


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