Awful Art Grants

$845,000 to support film festivals that showcase movies featuring decapitated heads, public urination and sexual promiscuity.

$495,000 to create medieval smells in a museum.

$100,000 in puppetry projects.

$95,000 to adapt Shakespeare without words.  (Somebody get Bob a glass of wine, please.)

$50,000 to help bring a play about trannies to the stage, plus hundreds of thousands more to support LGBTQ issues, including $10,000 for a play about two anti-gun lesbians.

$35,000 for “affordable housing and sustainable communities for San Francisco artists.”

$20,000 for “Piss Christ”, a photo of a small plastic crucifix submerged in the artist’s urine.
Piss Christ

$20,000 to support a series of public art presentations about climate change.

$6,000 to finance research into the lives of pets in Victorian England.


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