Cordyceps sinensis is an AMAZING fungus!


I started taking Cordyceps because I read about a clinical study that showed significant improvement in patients with chronic kidney failureBut the article talks about WAY more than just kidneys!  You have to read it. Seriously!

I’ve been taking Cordyceps for about 6 weeks and, while I do not have recent blood work (that will come in early April), I did see a remarkable change in my urine that makes me think it’s really working!

One of the symptoms of chronic kidney disease is protein spillage that causes persistent bubbles in one’s urine.  This week, I discovered that I’m not making bubbles any more!

My kidneys were functioning at 14% in July, when I was hospitalized. 15% or less is officially kidney failure.  After I got out of the hospital, they improved, which was very exciting.  But then they got stuck at 23%, so my primary sent me to a nephrologist who explained that above 25%, the kidneys are so AMAZINGLY designed that they can do their work indefinitely!

But under 25%, the filtration cells get overworked and begin to fail, which leads to dialysis, transplant, death. :oP  So I just need to get my kidneys functioning ABOVE 25%. 

This lack of bubbles in my urine has me OVER THE MOON with excitement.  I can’t wait to see what my next blood test shows!

I’m taking Nature’s Sunshine Products’ Cordyceps.  I’ve used their products for about 30 years and really trust the purity and quality of them.

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