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Checking in with Los Feliz

Los Feliz Daycare (motto: “We do not accept immunized children”) is an ultra-progressive child care center in an unspecified affluent neighborhood on the left coast. Some recent tweets:


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What Christ Actually SAID

2017_03 18 PP and Bible

From Matt Walsh:

Christ does call you to give to the poor, but take note of that word: you. You need to give. You. Personally. Physically. Of your own free will and volition. Christ is not outlining a budget proposal or advocating for a certain form of government.

He did not say, “I was hungry and you lobbied your political representative to write a piece of legislation that will appropriate money from your neighbor and, after a portion of it is siphoned off for other purposes, and much of it is wasted on fraud and abuse, a certain small percentage was used to fund programs that would eventually give me food.”

The New Testament would be, like, 600 pages longer if this is how Christ approached things. Luckily, He was far more direct.

What He actually said was simple: “I was hungry and you gave me food.”

As in, you saw a hungry person and right there on the spot gave him food. Or, knowing that there are a lot of hungry people in your community, you, through your own efforts, took your own money and gave it to charities that help the poor in your neighborhood.

That is what the Bible tells us to do. And do it we must.


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To Protect Climate Money, Obama Stashed It Where It’s Hard to Find

Climate - 3 cs

Between 2008 and 2013, the Obama administration dispersed something like $77 billion in funding for climate programs across dozens of agencies.

There is no single list of those programs or their cost, because President Barack Obama sought to integrate climate programs into everything the federal government did.

The goal was to get all agencies to take climate into account, and also make those programs hard to disentangle or defund.

Trump has called climate change a hoax, but he and his people are going to have to work hard to even find all the spending Obama built into federal agencies.

For one thing, they didn’t always include “climate” in program names.  For another, the reach is vast, stretching across the entire government.

Marc Morano, a former Republican staffer for the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, cited one whacky waste of money — a Department of Transportation study into the link between climate change and fatal car crashes.


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Cutting Meals on Wheels? Say it ain’t so!

Turns out … not such a big deal.  For one thing, Meals on Wheels gets only 3% of its funding from the federal government.

Also, CNN reported that the day after Trump’s budget came out, Meals on Wheels received 50 times the typical amount of daily donations.  Volunteer sign-ups also jumped, increasing by 500%.
Meals on Wheels

Tweeters commented:

  • It’s almost like it can survive without 3% funding from the fed. Who could have guessed.
  • Great. This is the way charities are supposed to work. Individuals decide where their time/$$ should be spent … not Govt.
  • B-b-but I had hand wringing people wailing in my TL all day yesterday that elderly people & small children were gonna DIE from this cut?!


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Trump’s Budget

Budget Blueprint for 2018:

• provides for one of the largest increases in defense spending without increasing the debt;
• significantly increases the budget for immigration enforcement at the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security;
• includes  additional  resources  for  a  wall  on  the  southern  border  with  Mexico,  immigration  judges,  expanded  detention  capacity,  U.S.  Attorneys,  U.S.  Immigration  and  Customs Enforcement, and Border Patrol;
• increases funding to address violent crime and reduce opioid abuse; and
• puts America first by keeping more of America’s hard-earned tax dollars here at home.

Mitt Romney said during his 2012 presidential campaign that the test of a program’s value was whether it was “so critical that it’s worth borrowing money from China to pay for it.”

White House budget Director Mike Mulvaney said Thursday during an appearance on “Fox & Friends”, “The president finally got to the point where he said, ‘Do I really want to make the coal miner in West Virginia, or the auto worker in Ohio, or the single mom in Detroit to pay for the National Endowment of the Arts or the Corporation for Public Broadcasting?’ And the answer is no.”

2017_03 18 Trump and Big Bird

Radio show host Glenn Beck, a longtime Trump critic, on proposed budget cuts: “I am so pro-Trump right now.”  We shouldn’t be using public monies to pay for shows like “Sesame Street” which “makes more money than any other show.”  Or NPR, which “is the No. 1 podcast. They’re No. 1 in many, many cities on radio [and] their television shows are now being sold all around the world.”

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., said the budget was a shift in the right direction after eight years of Democratic blueprints from the White House.

Sen. John McCain said the “budget proposed today cannot pass the Senate” because the increase in defense does not go far enough.

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer of New York signaled that Democrats would fight the proposal tooth-and-nail.


Click to access 2018_blueprint.pdf




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One woman’s experience


This is from a letter written by an atheist who visited Planned Parenthood looking for adoption information.

“I am a victim of rape, but I’m also a victim of feminism. I was lied to,” the woman wrote.

She said she was in college when she was raped by an acquaintance; and not long after that, she learned that she was pregnant.

“As a scared 19 year old student, I turned to the one place I’d been told my whole life I could turn to: Planned Parenthood,” she wrote.

Walking up to the clinic, she said she prepared herself for an attack of “the evil Christian radical, but instead I found people who just wanted to pray with me.”

Inside Planned Parenthood, she did not find what she was expecting either. Once the abortion center staff learned of her intentions to make an adoption plan, she said she was treated very differently.

She said a nurse repeatedly urged her to consider abortion, explaining how safe and empowering it would be. Later, the nurse told her that no one would want to adopt her child because of the rape. Eventually, she said the nurse left her alone in the counseling room for an hour, crying.

When she finally left, she said a pro-lifer on the sidewalk handed her a pamphlet about a local pregnancy center.

“Where I found real love and compassion was at the Christian pregnancy crisis center, they literally saved my life,” she continued.

She ended her letter by encouraging pro-life sidewalk counselors to keep helping women. She said they made such a difference in her life and her daughter’s.

“If you’re standing outside abortion clinics giving out pamphlets, and you’re not sure that it’s really worth it, know that it is,” she concluded.


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Cordyceps sinensis is an AMAZING fungus!


I started taking Cordyceps because I read about a clinical study that showed significant improvement in patients with chronic kidney failureBut the article talks about WAY more than just kidneys!  You have to read it. Seriously!


I’ve been taking Cordyceps for about 6 weeks and, while I do not have recent blood work (that will come in early April), I did see a remarkable change in my urine that makes me think it’s really working!

One of the symptoms of chronic kidney disease is protein spillage that causes persistent bubbles in one’s urine.  This week, I discovered that I’m not making bubbles any more!

My kidneys were functioning at 14% in July, when I was hospitalized. 15% or less is officially kidney failure.  After I got out of the hospital, they improved, which was very exciting.  But then they got stuck at 23%, so my primary sent me to a nephrologist who explained that above 25%, the kidneys are so AMAZINGLY designed that they can do their work indefinitely!

But under 25%, the filtration cells get overworked and begin to fail, which leads to dialysis, transplant, death. :oP  So I just need to get my kidneys functioning ABOVE 25%. 

This lack of bubbles in my urine has me OVER THE MOON with excitement.  I can’t wait to see what my next blood test shows!

I’m taking Nature’s Sunshine Products’ Cordyceps.  I’ve used their products for about 30 years and really trust the purity and quality of them.


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