Study: Voter ID isn’t RAAACIST

Voter ID R v D logic

Once upon a time, a major study claimed to have found evidence that voter ID laws have a negative impact on minority voter turnout.  

Leftist news outlets like WaPo gleefully trumpeted this finding, because you know … this was the ONLY STUDY that managed to come to that Leftist-friendly conclusion.

Enter researchers at Stanford, Yale, and the University of Pennsylvania who apparently know how to use calculators, instead of counting on their fingers and toes.

They redid the math and found the study actually showed that … wait for it … voter ID laws have no statistically significant impact on minority voter turnout.



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2 responses to “Study: Voter ID isn’t RAAACIST

  1. If I were black or brown, rather than pasty white, I would be mortally offended that Democrats consider people like me too mentally defective to get a photo I.D.