Keeping Poor People Poor

When I was in high school, New York was known for its excellent schools.  Wave bye-bye to that, at least in the poor schools where Democrat leadership and people of color predominate.

The state’s Board of Regents is expected to ditch the Academic Literacy Skills Test soon.

Why in bloody blue blazes would they even talk about eliminating a requirement for prospective teachers to pass a basic reading and writing literacy exam?!?!

It’s simple.  Black and Hispanic teaching candidates have a harder time passing it than white candidates.

Just 41% of black teaching candidates and 46% of Hispanics passed the test on their first try, compared to 64% of white candidates.

Hells bells!  If 64% of the white candidates can’t even pass it, then let’s take a long hard look at the schools, shall we?!

But nooooo.  If people of color are lower than whites then of course we don’t TUTOR the losers until they can pass the test, we SCRAP the test. Because RAAACISM!

I mean … why should we worry that TEACHERS ARE ILLITERATE?!  Right?!  Give the dumb ones a participation award and set them loose in the ghetto classrooms!

Democrats run every high crime and ghetto

New York is run by far left Democrats.  IMHO, the fact they’re even discussing this is another sign that the elitist Progressive Left really does want to keep poor people stupid, unemployed, and IN THEIR GHETTOS where they can be maintained as dependent Democrat voters.


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  1. jbob45

    Now why would kids wanna waste time in school when they can turn on the TV and learn all the literacy and communication skills they’ll ever need in life from watching McDonald’s commercials? Aside from being one of the single largest purveyors of unhealthy eating choices, McDonald’s stands out as the leading force behind the erosion of the English language, substituting trendy street jargon for cogent diction. Me an my baby mama, we be lovin it.

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