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Butch Maddow Serves Nothingburgers

This is already being compared to the infamous Whorealdo and the Al Capone vault.
Let’s try to start from the beginning:
Clinton ally offers $5M reward in exchange for Trump tax returns
Hillary Clinton ally David Brock is once again offering a reward to anyone who releases President Trump’s tax returns.
Following the White House’s release of Trump’s tax information from 2005 on Tuesday evening ahead of a report from MSNBC, Brock tweeted that he would give $5 million to anyone who would provide Trump’s “complete, legally obtained tax returns.”

NY Times Reporter Tells Deep State to Leak Trump Tax Returns – It Took Them ONE WEEK to Leak Them to Maddow
Last week New York Times reporter Nicholas Kristof urged Deep State employees in the IRS to leak President Donald Trump’s tax returns.
Responding to a remark by a far left Vox editor that “the IRS never leaks,” Nicholas Kristof tweeted, “But, if you’re in the IRS and have a certain president’s tax return that you’d like to leak…”
Tonight Rachel Maddow is going to release President Donald Trump’s tax returns on the air.
Deep State leaked the documents to Maddow.
It took them one week to leak the tax returns to the liberal press.

Rachel Maddow Goes for Ratings Hit by Releasing Trump Taxes… Massively BACKFIRES Instead
It was hyped for hours by the entire liberal fake media complex… MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow had obtained a leaked copy of Donald J. Trump’s tax returns — and would reveal them live on the air Tuesday night. This was it! At last this would be the end for Trump, Democrats buzzed with anticipation like kids on Christmas morning.
But meanwhile the White House had left Maddow looking like a blabbering fool by releasing President Trump’s 2005 tax information before she could leak it.
(The fact he paid income tax at a rate of 4% was blared on the news this morning as: ‘He paid a lower rate than half of America.The fact remains half of America DON’T PAY TAXES! They either don’t make enough or they don’t work, so they just push out kids to collect their EITC.)

David Cay Johnston Is The Reporter Who Received Donald Trump’s Tax Returns
“I was in Palm Beach on the sand looking at Mar-a-Lago, reporting on my next book which is about Trump, when one of my eight grown children informed me of what had come in the mail to my home in Rochester,” Johnston told The Daily Caller in an email Wednesday.


Rachel Maddow’s career committed suicide live on national TV tonight
Big Trump tax returns “Scoop” flopped, bigly.
Rachel Maddow has a history of claiming big scoops which then flop.
There was the debunked 2012 big scoop about supposed GOP wrongdoing in Michigan. And the 2014 big scoop that the Koch Brothers were behind Florida groups pushing drug testing for welfare recipients, which was not true. We covered the Florida non-scoop big scoop, Rachel Maddow’s come undone with Koch Derangement Syndrome

White House Reporter Tweets on Trump’s Tax Return and Beclowns Herself; Lacks Basic Economics Skills
The forms showed that the President made $138 million in 2005 and paid $38 million in taxes that year.
Apparently some in the White House Press Corps are not familiar with taxes or economics. When the forms were released, White House Correspondent and Washington Bureau Chief for American Urban Radio Networks, April Ryan, tweeted:So in 2005 @POTUS was not a Billionaire. He made in 2005 over 100 million dollars.
The fact that the President reported over $100 million in one tax year in the 2000’s has no bearing on his net worth. As a matter of fact, there is no information in a tax form 1040 that give you any indication of an individual’s net worth. How could she possibly make this assertion with the information provided?
Also, Ms. Ryan somewhat contradicts herself by noting that the President made over $100 million in 2005. On the one hand she surmises that he’s less than a billionaire but on the other hand she claims he’s gaudy rich making more than $100 million. Which one is it?


There are times the president is truly blessed by the enemies he has. Their blind hatred obstructs their ability to see they are being totally played.


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Every snowflake should be forced to watch this

This is hard.  You may need some tissues.


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Snowflakes are flammable

EPIC WHINE: Senator Cory Booker is whining about Republicans shoving their health insurance bill “down our throats.”  Senator Booker, sir, have you forgotten about that time when you Democrats shoved YOUR health insurance bill OUR throats?

EPIC FAIL: Rachel Maddow reported that she had obtained two pages from Trump’s 2005 return. Viewers hoping to hear some dirt on Trump were disappointed, since the pages showed he had paid 25% of his income in taxes that year.  Barack Obama paid 18.7% in 2015.  Bernie Sanders paid 13.5% in 2014.  BTW, it is totally illegal to publish someone’s tax return without his permission.

EPIC VILE: Some feminists, who have apparently misplaced whatever once passed as their souls, staged a mock abortion in front of a church in Argentina. A woman dressed as the Virgin Mary spread her legs and pumped her fist as two other women spilled fake blood and body parts on to the pavement.

EPIC DOLT:  An old surveillance video has been released showing Ferguson police shooting victim Michael Brown overseeing a drug deal.  CNN New Day host Chris Cuomo insisted that just because Brown was seen dealing drugs didn’t mean he was a drug dealer. Uhh, yes, Chris.  It kinda does.


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NASA Kennedy v Obama

President Obama scrapped the space shuttle program and directed NASA to focus on Muslim outreach and Global Warming.  By the time he left office, we were paying the Russian space agency $424 million for six Soyuz seats.

President Trump has made it clear that NASA is going to get back to the real business of space exploration. In his State of the Union speech, he said, “American footprints on distant worlds are not too big a dream.”  And now some of his advisers are signaling that we might go to the moon again.


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Trump orders top-to-bottom audit to save money, improve services

Reform govt spending toon

Candidate Obama criticized President Bush for wasting tax dollars and promised he would make the government leaner and more efficient.

Then, the minute he got into office, he increased spending by hundreds of billions.  By the time he left, our debt was DOUBLE what he inherited from Bush.

Candidate Trump promised to cut federal spending and is actually going to do it.

On Monday, March 13, 2017, he ordered an audit of every department and agency to be led by the Office of Management and Budget and include public input.

The goal will be to make every agency leaner and more effective by eliminating redundancies and dropping programs that don’t serve the people.


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No, it’s NOT in my head!

New research shows that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and the related Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), are PHYSICAL disorders. This is massive!




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Keeping Poor People Poor

When I was in high school, New York was known for its excellent schools.  Wave bye-bye to that, at least in the poor schools where Democrat leadership and people of color predominate.

The state’s Board of Regents is expected to ditch the Academic Literacy Skills Test soon.

Why in bloody blue blazes would they even talk about eliminating a requirement for prospective teachers to pass a basic reading and writing literacy exam?!?!

It’s simple.  Black and Hispanic teaching candidates have a harder time passing it than white candidates.

Just 41% of black teaching candidates and 46% of Hispanics passed the test on their first try, compared to 64% of white candidates.

Hells bells!  If 64% of the white candidates can’t even pass it, then let’s take a long hard look at the schools, shall we?!

But nooooo.  If people of color are lower than whites then of course we don’t TUTOR the losers until they can pass the test, we SCRAP the test. Because RAAACISM!

I mean … why should we worry that TEACHERS ARE ILLITERATE?!  Right?!  Give the dumb ones a participation award and set them loose in the ghetto classrooms!

Democrats run every high crime and ghetto

New York is run by far left Democrats.  IMHO, the fact they’re even discussing this is another sign that the elitist Progressive Left really does want to keep poor people stupid, unemployed, and IN THEIR GHETTOS where they can be maintained as dependent Democrat voters.


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