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President Trump, the Energizer Bunny

Trump Energizer Bunny toon by Branco

Since his inauguration, Trump has …

… paused the entrance of refugees from certain terrorist-supporting Islamic countries.

… cracked down on sanctuary cities.

… ordered the building of a border wall.

… nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

… reinstated the “Mexico City Policy” banning federal funding for international abortions.

… repealed two Obama regulation on guns.

… repealed an Obama regulation about automobile emissions standards.

… approved the construction of the Keystone and Dakota Access Pipelines.

… frozen the Obama administration’s last-minute $220 million funding to the Palestinian Authority (PA).

… exited from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

… slapped Iran with new sanctions.

… beefed up immigration enforcement.

… rolled out his replacement for Obamacare.

… released a budget.


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A REAL Women’s March

A real women's march

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Our immigrant ancestors

We really need to stop using the phrase “illegal immigrant.”  It feeds into the Left’s efforts to blur the lines between legal immigration and illegal invasion and it does a grave disservice to those who come here legally, then support themselves while learning the language and studying for the naturalization tests.

My ancestors

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Liberal Hypocrisy: Religious Traditions

Liberal hypocrisy - religion

UW-Madison students support freedom for only some. [4:08]

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Moonbat Pelosi

Pelosi 2010 v 2017


Pelosi 2010 on Obamacare bill: We have to pass it so you can find out what is in it

Pelosi 2017 on Trumpcare bill: We need to know what’s in it before we pass it

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To recognize heart, you have to have one

Two awesome take downs of the odious Michael Moore.

Uncommon Sense: Michael Moore, Professional Hypocrite [2:46]

Michael Moore is a Sack of Shit [8:46]

Just one point … calling someone “the new Pope Francis” is NOT “literally deifying her.”  The Catholic pope is not now, nor has he ever been considered a DEITY.  Crikey!


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Judge Napolitano on Wiretap Allegations

2017_03 Dobbs on Obama wiretap

Wow … Napolitano explains that Obama didn’t need a FISA order to get transcripts of Trump’s communication!  All he had to do was tell the NSA to send them to him!

The NSA has the legal right to record ANY phone or digital correspondence within the U.S. or going out of or coming into the U.S.  And the NSA works for the president.


Fox’s Lou Dobbs interviews Judge Napolitano about Trump’s wiretap allegation [8:04]

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Democrats Learned Nothing From 2016

Dear Leftists

From Hannity:

Priorities USA, a liberal action group, published a memo on Friday outlining progressive strategies to oppose the Trump administration.

The paper advises liberals to slander the president as being weak on the economy, looking out for the super-rich, and attack his personal character and temperament.

“Trump is buoyed by his Republican base who remain overwhelmingly behind him,” says the memo. It also adds that he is vulnerable on economic issues where “voters, by a large margin, believe that Trump is ‘looking out for the wealthy and big corporations.’”

Sound familiar?

That’s because these are the same failed talking points the Obamas and Clintons used extensively during the 2016 general election.


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Removing Two More of Obama’s Federal Jackboot Heels

The Senate recently canned two sets of regulations finalized late last year by Obama’s Department of Education.  One of them is 695 pages long!

PAY ATTENTION HERE:  These are REGULATIONS created by non-elected, federal government employees that usurp education functions that the Constitution specifically says belong to the States.

According to Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE), not only does the federal government lack the constitutional authority to interfere in local decision-making about education, but also the REGULATION he speaks against specifically violates a LAW passed by Congress just last year!

Ben Sasse Speaks Against Federal Teacher Mandate [11:27] < WORTH VIEWING

I am fundamentally opposed to the federal government having anything to do with education.  

I believe it puts too much distance between the people making the rules and the teachers and parents who know their own kids best.

Plus, the more centralized anything is, the more people who need to be bribed or blackmailed to get decisions made that benefit those with lots of money and very few morals.

Exhibit A: The Common Core textbook scandal that Project Veritas exposed, showing textbook publishers explaining that Common Core was all about the money, not the kids.

No Child Left Behind and Common Core have both been tried and have both proven to be failures.  Constitutionally, education is a state function.  Get the feds out of education!


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