The Moronic Left Tweets More Stupid Stuff

2017_03 10 Chelsea Handler tweet
Tweeters responded:



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2 responses to “The Moronic Left Tweets More Stupid Stuff

  1. If the government is obligated to cover the expenses for one person’s recreational activities, shouldn’t it be obligated to cover the expenses for everyone’s recreational activities? I mean, come on, equal protection under the law and all that. I personally think if the government is going to pay for Chelsea Handler’s contraceptives, it ought to pay for my books and my concert and theater tickets. Also maybe pay someone to come tune my piano for me (it really needs it). And don’t get me started on my husband’s guns and his camera equipment…


  2. jbob45

    “No tools” for safe sex?? Anyone remember John Wayne Bobbitt, the abusive douche whose wife, Lorena, lopped off his shlong? If ever we needed a cutting-edge prototype for tool-less safe sex options, Lorena showed us how.