Stilton’s take on RINOcare

CtH: Having been disabled lo these many decades, I have been on Medicare since forever.  IOW, I’ve got no skin in this game and zero knowledge worth imparting.  However, I did really appreciate reading something that made some kind of sense AND that wasn’t all hair-on-fire hate about the proposed plan.

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Stilton:  Donald Trump and the Republicans have rolled out their initial plan to repeal and replace Obamacare, but for many Trump voters the plan (the first of three steps intended to address all aspects of reforming the ACA) isn’t finding acceptance.

Why? Because they know (correctly) that Obamacare is riddled with serious problems and is harming our healthcare system and they voted to get rid of Obamacare in its entirety. And that’s by God what they want!

Unfortunately, the reality of the situation is very much akin to the scenario depicted above: if you simply cut out the problems all at once with no replacement ready, the patient will die. And in this case, the bloodsoaked, flailing patient happens to be your health insurance.

We can’t simply return to “the way things used to be” because Obamacare destroyed that system. It’s gone. Kaput. It is not simply pining for the fjords, but has joined the choir eternal. Which is why doing an immediate and total fix is practically and politically impossible.

Rather, we need to accept (unhappily, and perhaps with an adult beverage in hand) that the Republicans only have two choices right now: a series of slow and messy patches to Obamacare that will gradually push the insurance industry back toward free market solutions, or a quick amputation of Obamacare in its entirety which will accelerate the industry’s crash and make single-payer care inevitable.

We don’t have to like those choices, but to deny that those are the choices can only lead to disaster.




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  1. If you saw my near-naked pate, you’d understand why none of my editorials can be of the “hair on fire” variety these days. (grin).

    Fun blog, and thanks for giving me the shout out! -Stilt

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  2. All of this is so above my pay grade for figuring out, so TY@Stiltonj and Polination. I just wish it was not Ryan rolling it out, and what of Rand Paul, who I trust so much more?