Vogue gets schooled on Day Without a Woman

Vogue Magazine‏ tweeted: “If you’re a woke guy, here is how to get involved on March 8 without stepping on toes, or mansplaining activism.”  The tweet included a link to their article, “What Men Can Do To Support The Women’s Strike.”

The article includes a handy cheat sheet for busy woke fellas who don’t have time to read a whole article in Vogue magazine.

A Cheat Sheet for March 8—Ally Edition

  • Pick up the domestic slack: do the housework, feed the kids, babysit, prepare the meals, etc.
  • Organize a strike in your workplace; involve your union.
  • If you’re a student, join a walkout, participate in a convention or organized campus discussion on women’s and global rights, join a march.
  • Take a break from porn and do some soul-searching on what kind of pornography or sex work you support. Ask yourself, Am I contributing to the exploitation of sex workers?
  • Join protests, marches, go hear the speeches.
  • Spread awareness and make your support public. (Note: This does not mean post something to Twitter; do that, sure, but also talk to the people around you about what’s going on.)

Tweeters had their own pithy remarks to offer:

  • “Alright awful stupid guys with your awful penises, LISTEN UP. if you want to be HELPFUL”
  • “You may ride on the bus with us. But only if you sit at the back.”
  • Is woke the new word for whipped?
  • Vogue: You misspelled “emasculated.”
  • “Take a break from porn”?  Is “woke” the new word for “disgusting pig”?
  • A day without liberal feminists –  Hip, Hip Hooray!!!!
  • My purpose today is to step on toes and mansplain.
  • If you’re a woke guy, avoid feminists and feminism. They don’t represent real women.
  • REAL men don’t need to be told to help with the chores and they kids.  THEY ALREADY DO IT.
  • Vogue: You have 12.5 million followers, but most of yr tweets have zero responses, RTs in single digits. Better hope yr advertisers don’t notice.




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7 responses to “Vogue gets schooled on Day Without a Woman

  1. jbob45

    Much as I like da wimmins, a day without ’em? Meh. Anyways, what the f*ck is a “woke” guy? Don’t nobody talk English no mores?

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    • I first heard “woke” used as an adjective just a short time ago, and I thought it must be a typo, since it made no sense at all. I was trying to figure out what the person had intended to say that got butchered into “woke.” I was so disappointed to find out that it wasn’t a typo. (We English majors take all these assaults on the English language very personally.)


  2. ‘Take a break from porn’? The ladies at Vogue need to start hanging with a higher class of guy!

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  3. jbob45

    At one time there was a distinction between hard- and soft-core porn. Vogue exists for the single reason to blur the line. Guess it’s asking too much of them to fess up and own it.

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