The LOOK on her FACE!! LOLOL

2017_03 07 Andrea Mitchell looks mad

In her report, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell cast her failure to get Secretary of State Tillerson to answer her questions as some kind of sign that the Trump State Department is going to be Deep, Dark, and Secretive.

Oh noes!

What actually happened was that Andrea Mitchell behaved rudely, shouting out questions during a photo spray, then got mad when she was appropriately hustled out the door.

A photo spray is a press pool opportunity to snap pictures, often before or after a closed press meeting, so that news outlets will have a graphic for their story. There are no questions allowed.

In this case, the meeting was between Secretary of State Tillerson and the Foreign Minister of Ukraine.

Mitchell not only shouted questions out of turn, but the questions she asked had nothing to do with the Ukraine.

Tillerson was right to ignore her.



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    That has just made the week a whole lot better for me!