Planned Parenthood shows its true color is bloody red

President Trump told Planned Parenthood that HE would back off on defunding them if THEY would stop performing abortions.

Since they have been getting close to half a billion dollars a year in taxpayer moneys and since they claim that only 3% of their business is abortion-related, you’d think it would be a no-brainer.

But no.  They said it was “not a deal that we will ever accept.”

This is because Planned Parenthood makes big money killing unborn babies.  

This is not a conspiracy theory or a wild anti-abortion claim.  It is a logical conclusion.

  • Planned Parenthood performs 34% of the abortions in America.
  • One in eight women who enters a Planned Parenthood facility does so to obtain an abortion.

If they were truly all about women’s health care, then their accounts would not show THIS:

PP abortion up cancer screening down


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