Former Secret Service agent, Dan Bongino, served on Obama’s detail.  Yesterday, he tweeted:


Mar 4, 2017: Judge Jeannine talks with former Bush Attorney General about the FISA warrants


Mar 4, 2017: White House sources says Trump’s wiretapping claim is TRUE. Video embedded @ http://redstatewatcher.com/article.asp?id=66056

Krauthammer:  “Normally, when NSA is listening in on a foreigner, they take great care to redact any American involved. The NSA’s not supposed to spy on Americans.  Here, it was the reverse, and there was an obvious attempt, it was reported in the New York Times, to make sure this was spread as widely as possible, that it would become a problem for the Trump administration.”

Video embedded @


Today, White House press secretary Sean Spicer asked the congressional committees currently investigating Russian interference in the presidential election to also look into whether the Obama administration overstepped the law.  

Spicer added that neither the White House nor the president would be making additional comments “until such oversight is conducted.”


Yesterday, Sean Hannity tweet-stormed two of Obama’s senior advisers, Valerie Jarrett and Dan Pfeiffer, plus former Obama speechwriter and foreign policy advisor, Ben Rhodes.

Valerie, who asked for the FISA warrant and Y? What did OBAMA know and when did he know it? Maybe you can knock on his door and ask. https://t.co/fDbnwE3GYQ

Valerie did OBAMA have knowledge of the FISA warrant requests? Did you have knowledge of this? Ben Rhodes? Did the WH coordinate with anyone https://t.co/fDbnwE3GYQ

June 2016: FISA request. The Obama administration files a request with the FISA court to monitor communications involving Donald Trump– Y? https://t.co/fDbnwE3GYQ

That July request was denied. Then another FISA request was filed in October, no evidence was found but the wiretaps continued. Why Valerie? https://t.co/fDbnwE3GYQ

It looks like BHO, Ben Rhodes, Valerie and some in the intelligence community have a lot of explaining to do. Surveillance of Opposition? https://t.co/fDbnwE3GYQ

Did you, Obama, or anyone associated with the administration have a role in leaking the Buzzfeed/CNN dossier that we know had false info? https://t.co/fDbnwE3GYQ

Why with only 14 days left did OBAMA expand the power of the NSA to share intercepted personal communications with 16 other agencies? https://t.co/fDbnwE3GYQ

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