The Four Stages of Conservative Female Abuse

From a 2008 article by Michelle Malkin. Link below.

There’s something about outspoken conservative women that drives the Left mad.

Stage One:  Infantilization.

Right-wing women can’t possibly believe in the sanctity of life, self-defense, free markets, or foreign policy. They must be submissive little dolls of the White Male Hierarchy.

Stage Two: Sexualization.

Detractors resort to mocking the physical appearance of their ideological opponents in skirts and denigrating them with vulgar epithets.

Stage Three:  Demonization.

When the Left tires of hurling whore insults, it turns conservative women in the public eye into nefarious creatures.

Stage Four: Dehumanization.

According to the liberal feminist establishment’s definition, female conservatives aren’t “real” women.


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