Another Leftist commits hate crimes

Nearly 60 bomb threats were made against Jewish community centers in the month of January alone, with more than 120 bomb threats reported so far in 2017.

On Friday, a Jewish cemetery was vandalized in New York, the third such incident in the past three weeks. Two other Jewish cemeteries were recently vandalized in Philadelphia and St. Louis.

Unsurprisingly, the Left would really Really REALLY like to blame pro-Trumpers who OF COURSE are all toothless, inbred, Jew-hating, white supremacists.

The MSM pooh-poohed Trump’s condemnation of the attacks, saying it was lackluster, too little, or too late.

One guy went so far as to suggest, “Maybe he doesn’t want to denounce his own supporters because some of his own supporters are responsible for this.”

Never mind that Ivanka Trump married a Jew and converted, cuz I’m so sure that means no more than the fact that Mitt Romney and Jeff Sessions both have bi-racial grandkids.

On Friday, police arrested one of the perpetrators and ……….. oh noes ……….. he is a black, left-wing, Sanders-loving, now ex-journalist who was … get this … FIRED for fabricating FAKE NEWS stories!

Just to throw us all off his scent, the twerp expressed solidarity with the victims of anti-Semitic hate crimes.  Yeah, that worked.  Not.

He also named his white ex-girlfriend as the perpetrator.  




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