Unity and Strength

I love how Melania got a standing ovation and a big cheer!  Pay attention to how many of the president’s statements got standing ovations and who SAT through them, even when they were as generic as “we are a nation that condemns hate in all its ugly forms.”

Trump’s First Presidential Address to Congress – Full Speech

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  1. Matt Walsh: Democrats, that shameful performance proves why normal Americans despise your party

    “Mostly, this absurd performance on the part of Democrats tells us two things. First, they have a bunch of maniacs in their base and they’re fully aware of it. Democrat politicians know they’ll get in trouble with their liberal constituency if they appear to be even vaguely opposed to illegal immigration, Muslim terrorism, and the impoverishment of coal miners, or even slightly in favor of the rule of law, prosperity, freedom, and God.

    “Second, their hatred for Trump, and their base’s hatred for Trump, is pushing them ever further into the extreme fringes. Democrats have been booing God, defending radical Islam, and explicitly encouraging illegal immigrants to break the law for years now, but giving such an icy reception to a concept like “creating jobs,” and publicly giving the cold shoulder to a military widow, is a new step. That’s something they’re doing purely to spite Trump. But, in the process, they only make Trump look dignified and themselves look like monsters.

    “It’s clear that Democrats will automatically oppose anything Trump says simply because it’s Trump saying it, and for no other reason. Personally, I’d love for him to exploit this power. For instance, he could give a speech forcefully opposing puppy murder, head lice, and diabetes, just so that Democrats will feel required to come out in favor of all three. Perhaps Trump could even get them to abandon their support for gay marriage and abortion by announcing his support for both.”