How a nerd became a superhero… and how you can, too

Phil Vischer talks to college students about faith, reason, science, dreams, talking vegetables, superpowers, and happy endings.


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2 responses to “How a nerd became a superhero… and how you can, too

  1. chrissythehyphenated


    The story at the end where Bob the Tomato saved a guys life (for real) … it made me cry happy tears.

    Other good bits to whet your appetite:

    “What do you say to a little boy who wants to be a superhero? What do you say to a little girl who wants to be a princess? ‘You can. It all begins with faith.'”

    “The opposite of faith is not reason. The opposite of faith is mistrust. Faith is a statement of trust in what we do not know for sure.”

    “No one is a non-believer. Everyone has faith or they would never leave their homes.”

    “Science is based in faith. … This is the presumption, quite impossible to prove, that the universe is rational.”

    “Reason strengthens faith.”

    “Has anyone ever claimed to have had their life transformed by the Easter Bunny?”

    “You long for a happily ever after? Read the book to the end. We win.”

    “Jesus is offering us super powers.”

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