DNC sign proves Democrats are RAAAAAAAAACISTS

Whenever the subject of requiring voters to produce a photo ID comes up, Democrats scream how RAAAAAAACIST it is.

The Obama administration actually joined in on a lawsuit filed against Kansas, Alabama, and Georgia, when these states altered the rules to require their residents to show a photo ID before registering to vote.

  • Never mind that Mexico requires not just a photo ID, but a specific VOTER ID that contains not just a photo but also a thumb print.
  • And never mind how racist it is to suggest that People of Color are too DUMB to obtain a photo ID.
  • Also ignore the problem with voters including people who are too dumb to obtain a photo ID.

But yeah … besides all that.  Ahem.

So you’ve probably heard that the Dems had a pow-wow to elect their new chair.

Here’s a sign from the event:





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2 responses to “DNC sign proves Democrats are RAAAAAAAAACISTS

  1. jbob45

    Definition of “irony” not found in liberal dictionaries. Nor is “hypocrisy”. Wait! Libs themselves don’t USE dictionaries, they REWRITE them for everyone else.

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  2. I was going to go and self identify as a delegate. How far do you think that would have gotten me?

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