Conservatives take over another Leftist Virtue Signaling hashtag

One of the Trump-Won-Butthurt-Left’s current memes is: If you don’t want men in the ladies rooms, you’re a bully.*

Yesterday, Lefties did one of their virtue signalling hashtag things — #IStandUpToBulliesBy — and Conservatives hijacked it.  ::snork::

  • #IStandUpToBulliesBy refusing to allow them to use their victimhood to silence me.
  • #IStandUpToBulliesBy not letting them force my daughter to share a bathroom with men.
  • #IStandUpToBulliesBy recommending @benshapiro’s “Bullies” to every conservative, libertarian, and classical liberal I know. #TruthToPower
  • #IStandUpToBulliesBy voting Republican.
  • #IStandUpToBulliesBy tweeting witty retorts that they don’t understand.
  • #IStandUpToBulliesBy crying, stamping my feet, and retiring to my safe space.


*The message this is sending to young girls — IF YOU DON’T MEEKLY SUBMIT TO THE WILL OF THE PENISES, YOU’RE AN INTOLERANT BULLY — makes me spitting mad!  I hoped that by blogging about it, I’d feel a little better, but I don’t.  I still really want to hit some privileged libtard male in the family jewels.



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3 responses to “Conservatives take over another Leftist Virtue Signaling hashtag

  1. jbob45

    Uhh, libtard males traded their jewels for baubles. Not knowingly, of course.

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  2. Here’s how screwy this whole bathroom-war thing is: There have always been trannies — a very small number relative to the population, but they have always existed. The overwhelming majority of trannies have been and still are MTF, and they have used women’s restrooms probably since women’s restrooms came into existence — usually without anyone noticing, much less caring, because they pass as female (which used to be the whole point of transgenderism). No one that I’m aware of has suffered any harm or angst as a result of this. Most people just never notice.

    What the new laws that purport to prohibit discrimination based on gender identity is to upend the existing system, which worked well enough, and make it okay for any man to go into the women’s restroom, locker room, showers, etc. any time he feels like it. If it’s illegal to discriminate based on gender identity, then you can’t make it illegal for a man who identifies as male to enter any space that a man who identifies as female is allowed to enter. If you say a transgender male can go in the women’s locker room, then say that a cisgender male can’t go in the women’s locker room, then you are guilty of discrimination based on gender identity.

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