The Left Keeps Firming Up My Commitment to the Right





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3 responses to “The Left Keeps Firming Up My Commitment to the Right

  1. jbob45

    Does “Speechless” qualify as a comment?

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  2. Pistol Pete

    Why do I get the feeling these three humanoids have little,if any,carnal knowledge except for small,fur-bearing mammals?


  3. From Matt Walsh: Don’t complain about ‘rape culture’ if you’re OK with boys in the girl’s locker room

    “The very people who so often claim that we’re living in a ‘rape culture,’ and who are apt to cry harassment when a man so much as compliments a woman in the wrong way, and who often say that America is such a misogynistic hellhole that women can’t even walk down the street without fearing assault or rape, are the same ones who tell young girls to shut up and stop complaining when men with penises stroll into their locker rooms and bathrooms. In every other context, men are chastised for their ‘male privilege’ if they act in a way that makes women uncomfortable — even if the behavior in question is completely innocent and non-threatening — but if a girl is uncomfortable looking at penises in her locker room, suddenly she’s the one who gets yelled at for being inconsiderate. In the minds of our nation’s Leftists, a man has persecuted a woman when he spreads his legs too wide on the subway, but if he disrobes in front of her in the bathroom and she feels uneasy, it is she who has persecuted him.”