Sweden is a terrifying warning about mass immigration

One IMPORTANT point … when President Trump said “last night”, he was referring to a story he’d seen on Fox News, NOT to a specific incident that had occurred the night before in Sweden.  I had seen it and knew exactly what he meant.

But, hey, no matter.  The “peaceful Muslims” managed to erupt into another riot right after Sweden’s leader claimed he had no idea what Trump was talking about.  Well, that right there is FAKE NEWS.  He knows EXACTLY what Trump was talking about.  He’s just too damn P.C. to SAY IT.

IMHO, political correctness has become an evil thing, because it is covering up real problems that hurt real people.  As this guy says in the video, if you can’t talk honestly about a problem, you have no hope of solving it.

Watch this all the way through, please.  It’s not easy viewing, but it is important.

The Truth About Sweden


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  1. Good column: What’s Happening in Sweden

    “It is little wonder that Sweden, where so recently it was forbidden to question the openhanded orthodoxy on immigration, has now clamped down on its borders. Sweden is a unique case, but clearly one of the lessons of its recent experience is, Don’t try this at home.”