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Why we don’t trust them

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski said something very revealing:

“[Trump] could have undermined the messaging so much that he can actually control exactly what people think. And that is–that is our job.”

“That” … meaning controlling what people think … “is [the media’s] job.”

I don’t think so.




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Give Us This Day Our Daily Drek

Hired a fishing guide yesterday for a trip in late April. My life is so exciting, I can hardly stand it.

Trump smashes Obama’s small-donor fundraising pace, bests Clinton, Sanders combined

Mr. Trump raised about $239 million from small donors during the campaign, compared with Mr. Obama’s $219 million in 2012 — then a record — and about $181 million in 2008, according to the report from the Campaign Finance Institute.

Mr. Trump’s total was also more than the small-dollar donations — defined as $200 or less — given to 2016 Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton ($137 million) and Sen. Bernard Sanders ($100 million) combined.

Michael Moore Launches Website With Goal To Remove Trump From Office

“GOOD NEWS FRIENDS,” Moore wrote in the lengthy post. “I’ve promised you a one-stop site, a clearinghouse of all actions–a RESISTANCE CALENDAR–where you can find EVERY upcoming action, protest, march, sit-in, town hall, anti-Trump, pro-democracy event in all 50 states! A site where YOU can post your own action so all can see it.”

New Website Helps Libs Imagine Life Under President Hillary
This site declares itself as “news from the real America, where the majority rules:”   There is no indication that this site is the genius brainchild of conservative super trolls. Moreover, most of the articles sound like they’re right out of The Huffington Post, Salon, or at Mic.com. But either way, the Onion-esque style will bring laughs for some, and strange comfort for others.
Trump Is Beating the Media at Its Own Game
The left’s own politics by shorthand is now being turned against it.

From ill-mannered reporters come lectures on manners. From partisans come demands for non-partisanship. Almost all of the complaints of the press can be boiled down to one demand: that its conservative targets unilaterally disarm. We fight, you surrender — that is the media’s idea of civility.

So expect the squeals of the media to grow in proportion to Trump’s exposure of its fraudulence. Bret Stephens and company can pompously say that Trump is an opponent of “objectivity itself.” But all that means is that he rejects their phony claims of objectivity and impedes their partisan wishes.

NBC uses a group of school children to make a video trashing Trump


If you ask NBC News, it seems American schoolchildren do not like President Donald Trump.  In two videos released by the network, students deliver their “hopes and fears” to the new president in predominantly negative comments.

“Just because I’m Mexican doesn’t mean you can build a wall in my country,” a young girl said in “Dear Mr. President: Letters from the American Children.”

“Not letting immigrants into America is really not nice, so please let them in,” another young boy said.








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The MSM’s audience is not us


From Sean Hannity:

The mainstream media’s audience is not you, the American people. They are not the forgotten men and women in poverty, on food stamps, out of the labor force, who can’t buy a house and struggle to put food on the table and send their children to good schools. Out-of-touch liberals know nothing about you, nothing about your problems, don’t seem to care about the millions more in poverty, on food stamps and out of work, the people that are struggling.

That’s why they didn’t think that Donald Trump could win. It’s why they can’t for the life of them understand why he is connecting with the American people.  And it is why President Trump calls them for what they are: Purveyors of fake news.”

Source = There’s a good video here!

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A new sheriff is at the EPA


The new EPA administrator, Scott Pruitt, told a crowd of career bureaucrats that the EPA will follow the law, not invent it.  

This will be a dramatic departure from the EPA of the last eight years under Barack Obama, who used the agency to regulate massive swathes of land, water and resources, placing them out of reach of state control.

President Donald Trump’s executive orders will officially be rolling back the Obama-era policies on climate change and water pollution and Pruitt intends to implement the changes.


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Trump was telling the truth about Sweden

Just hours after Sweden’s Prime Minister slammed Donald Trump for claiming Sweden was in crisis because of its liberal refugee policy, a riot broke out in a refugee-heavy suburb of Stockholm.


When police tried to arrest a wanted person, a mob of about 30 attacked the officers and set ten cars on fire.

A group also attacked a photographer who was reporting on the incident.  “I was hit with a lot of punches and kicks both to my body and my head. I have spent the night in hospital,” he said.

Officials have identified more than 50 “no go” areas of Sweden where they admit they do not have control over the unruly refugee populations.

About ten days ago, police officers were assaulted by a mob. Three of the officers had to be hospitalized for their injuries.

One Swedish police officer took to Facebook to share his frustration.

“I’m so f***** tired. What I’m writing here isn’t politically correct. But I don’t care. Our pensioners are on their knees, the schools are a mess, healthcare is an inferno, the police is completely destroyed. Everyone knows why, but no one dares or wants to say why.”


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