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I Got the Fever

Cabin fever is a serious but not often fatal disease whose beginning coincides with winter freeze over on lakes and rivers. Long months of cold, dreary nothingness, the only comfort being the promise of a renewal with the coming of Spring. This winter has been something of an oddity. This weekend the highs will be in the 60’s in my part of the country, with ample sunshine. The lakes are still frozen, but the ice is getting dangerously thin.

There is an annual Boat and Fishing Show being held this weekend at the Sports Center in our town. I’m taking my beloved grandson, R.J., for his first show. I’ve looked forward to this for months. I’ve found out that the father of his best friend is dating my cousin! Small world. They’re coming with us and I’m planning a trip to SE Wisconsin in June with a professional guide for the 4 of us. My longtime fishing partner suffered a stroke last year and can’t/won’t travel as far as we used to. So I’m planning a number of guided trips to different waters to show my grandson some new experiences.

I wasn’t exactly Ward Cleaver when my girls were growing up. Truth is I was hardly there at all. Everything was always about me. I had no sons and RJ is my only grandson. (Tyler is also, but his mother doesn’t want much to do with me. She has her hands full with him and his battles with cancer.)

I love my granddaughters but there’s always been a special bond between boys and their grandpas. It’s the only time I get him to myself and I cherish every minute. The way he watches and listens to everything I try to teach him, it’s like I’m special to somebody. It’s the happiest time for me, since my daily routine never changes much. Hopefully, someday when he has sons and grandsons of his own, he can tell them about the times he went fishin’ with his grandpa. Maybe even tell a few fish stories. There’s not a better feeling in the world than being a shining light for someone else.









Dangerously thin ice






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Study: Up to 2.1 Million Hispanics May Have Voted Illegally


A 2013 study by McLaughlin and Associates showed that 13% of non-citizen Hispanics (as many as 2.1 million) said they were registered to vote.

It is against the law for non-citizens to register to vote in U.S. elections.

However, shortly before the 2016 elections, then-President Obama said illegals did not need to worry that anyone would come after them if they voted.

President Obama tells illegals it’s okay to vote

Obama also said that voting makes a person into a citizen, which is patently absurd.


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Could we have just a little common sense about immigration?

Trump’s orders are about ILLEGALS.  He’s not targeting legal immigrants or the concept of immigration; he is trying to keep us safe and employed by removing law breakers.

And while we’re on the subject, I read that undocumented workers made up 9% of employees in the hotel and restaurant industry in 2014.  Nine percent!  While a record number of Americans were unable to find work!

It shouldn’t be that hard to understand that we should take care of OUR OWN FIRST, which includes not just those of us who were born here, but those who IMMIGRATED LEGALLY and our own WAR VETERANS.


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