The Bad News Media

Americans find the press less credible than the Trump administration and that’s no accident.  After 8 years of watching in disgust as the media slobbered all over their BFF Barack, we’re now being further repulsed as these same “real news” reporters push out over-hyped, inconclusive, half-true or flat-out incorrect stories.


The Washington Examiner is keeping an on-going list of these bad stories.  Here are the two latest:

Feb. 11: American-born Olympian and Muslim Ibtihaj Muhammad claimed in an interview on Feb. 7 that she was detained “just a few weeks ago” by U.S. Customs agents.  Reporters tied it to Trump’s recent executive order temporarily barring immigration from seven Middle Eastern countries.  The incident actually occurred in December 2016 when Barack Obama was still president.

Feb. 10:  A day after Trump talked to Chinese President Xi Jinping, The New York Times print edition said he hadn’t talked to him in months.  Trump tweeted that the Times had printed fake news.  The media pounced, using an updated online version of the incorrect print version of the Times’ story.  But the online version carried no editor’s note about the fact that it had been significantly altered from its original form, which was what had been in the print version Trump read.

Grab a sandwich and a tall beverage before you go read the rest, because it’s a LOOOOOOOOOOONG LIST!


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