Broken Obamacare Promises

Our parish’s deacon writes something for the bulletin each week.  Since he’s a Democrat Catholic who doesn’t appear to ever read anything right wing, some of his articles are more Democrat Talking Points than Catholic teaching.

Back during the summer of the O’care townhalls, he published a mushy-headed article that basically said those of us who had serious concerns about the plan were motivated by greed.

When someone challenged him on that, he claimed he hadn’t said that at all.  Except he did.  And we were right about every single one of our REAL concerns.


Deacon Leftie hasn’t changed.  Mostly I never read his crap, but Dearest was so incensed by his piece on Trump’s immigration plan that I did read it.  He quoted the Bible and the liberal bishops’ statement, but the sum of it all was to MISREPRESENT Trump’s orders, then condemn them as sinful!

Straw man arguments make me NUTS.  So I printed out my article “Unrestricted Immigration: It’s not a Catholic thing” and am sending it to the pastor, who may actually pay attention.  I wrote a simple cover letter pointing out that there was another side to the story.

Mostly, I admit, I’m motivated by disgust at having Democrat Talking Points shoved at me via the church bulletin.  But there is a part of me that is honestly concerned for this man’s soul.  As a deacon, he bears much more responsibility than I do for teaching the truth.  Millstones come to mind.

Plus I dated him once upon a long time ago, when we were both undergraduates.  He and his wife are nice people and committed Catholics.  I pray daily for them and all of my fellow American Catholics like them who continue to support and promote the evil Democrat agenda.


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