Democrat Logic

On Feb 7, 2017, the Washington Post ran an op-ed written by a woman who claims she worked for Hardee’s for many years.

In it, she argued that Andrew Puzder, CEO of the restaurant chain, is unfit to be head of the Labor Department, because he takes home millions while his employees allegedly live in homeless shelters.

How much should we believe about this woman’s story when she misspelled the name of her own son and claimed Puzder forced her to work during a non-existent hurricane?

How much should we care about this woman’s story, given the undeniable fact that counter workers at fast food joints get low wages and lousy benefits, because their jobs require virtually no education or skill?

These are entry level jobs, the kinds of work that teens and newcomers can get to establish that they’re reliable workers.  After working at one of these jobs, people are supposed to advance to better paying gigs.

The family seems to have learned nothing about the work world, since she says her misspelled son now works for McDonald’s.

She says a minimum wage of $15 is a matter of “justice.”

No, honey.  It’s a matter of economics, which is something Puzder understands and you clearly do not.




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