WaPo still drooling over now FORMER President Obama

I do love writing that “former” part!  As for the drooling, ewwwwwww.


Feb 7, 2017:  “It’s well documented that Obama is pretty good at basketball, but the video proved that the 55-year-old former leader of the free world is pretty much a natural on a kiteboard, as well.”Washington Post

Uhhhhhhhhhhhh … no.

1 Pinocchio:  Obama is far from “a natural on a kiteboard,” as the video reveals.  Despite excellent conditions and two days of practice, he still fell multiple times.

2 Pinocchios:  Neither is he much of a basketball player.  Reggie Love, Obama’s former body man who played basketball at Duke, said he “lacks in physical capabilities.”  In 2013, while showing off to a bunch of kids, Obama sunk 2 out of 22.

3 Pinocchios:  He’s also a rotten bowler.  On the campaign trail, he bowled a 37.

4 Pinocchios:  Despite playing 300+ rounds while in office, he’s no great shakes as a golfer.  Michael Jordan, who is an actual athlete, said Obama is a “hack” and a “sh***y golfer.”

5 Pinocchios:  Obama tried more than once to do a major league first throw that didn’t hit the dirt or go wild.  I’m unaware of him ever putting it over the plate the way Dubya did.  He also claimed to be an avid Chicago baseball fan, but could not name a single White Sox player and referred to Comiskey Park as “Kaminsky Field.”



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