40 new MEDIA LIES in Trump Week #3


The media told FORTY lies last week, for a total of SEVENTY-SEVEN separate incidents of Fake News in just three weeks.  Here’s the run-down (see details at link below):

  1. CNN’s Jake Tapper Lies About Trump Not Offering Sympathy to Canada After  Mosque Attack
  2. Washington Post Caught Lying About “Illegal Guns” In Washington DC
  3. Washington Post Caught Covering Up Boston Mosque’s Extremism and Bigotry
  4. Los Angeles Times Lies About Trump’s “Shift” On NATO
  5. MSM Hides Behind KellyAnne Conway’s Mistake To Cover Up Their Own Cover Up
  6. Newsweek and CNN Spread Lie About Breitbart News Having Their Own Supporters Terrorized
  7. Media Lies About Make Up of Trump’s National Security Council
  8. Scientific Community and Media Again Caught Lying About Global Warming
  9. Washington Post Falsely Describes a “Draft Order” as a “Plan”
  10. Washington Post Walks Back False Story of Bannon Confrontation
  11. Washington Post Falsely Accuses Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Lying About Syria Trip
  12. CBS News Falsely Claims Statue of Liberty Was Originally Intended to be a Muslim Woman
  13. NBC News Lies About Trump Easing Russian Sanctions
  14. New York Times Lies About Homeland Security Being Blindsided By Trump’s Refugee Pause
  15. Bitter Wall Street Journal Never-Trumper Forgets About Barry
  16. Boston Globe Caught Lying About Trump Comments On the Media
  17. Politico Caught Lying About Trump “Highlighting” Religious Freedom
  18. More Fallout From BuzzFeed Publishing What It Knew Was a False Dossier On Trump
  19. Media Continues to Lie About Vote Fraud Being a Myth
  20. Washington Post Caught Lying About Trump Threat to ‘Invade Mexico’
  21. CNN Lies By Comparing Trump Action to Watergate
  22. Media Caught Lying About GOP Expanding Gun Access to Mentally Ill
  23. Media Runs With Lie About Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee Founding “Fascism Forever” Club
  24. Journalist Lies About ‘Forced Resignations’ at Secret Service
  25. NBC News Lies About Milo Plan to Out Berkeley Illegals
  26. Media Spreads Lie About Trump Changing the Name of Black History Month
  27. NBC’s John Harwood Lies About Lack of  DOJ Input Into Trump’s Refugee Pause
  28. Media Falsely Claims Trump Flew Both Top SCOTUS Candidates to DC for ‘Reality Show’
  29. CNN’s Jeff Zeleny  Lies About White House Setting Up SCOTUS Nominee’s Twitter Accounts
  30. Media Spreads False Claim That Trump’s Refugee Pause Killed a Woman
  31. NBC News Pete Alexander/Andrea Mitchell Lie About Trump Okaying Business With Russian KGB
  32. Media Caught Lying About Trump Hanging Up On Australia’s Prime Minister
  33. Media Blames Trump for Spike In Transgender Suicides
  34. Politico, New York Times Lie About Trump Nominee Foreclosing on 90-Year-Old Woman
  35. CNN, Daily Beast Lie About Betsy DeVos, Guns and Grizzlies
  36. Journalist Claims Trump’s Hand-Size Is Photoshopped
  37. Media Falsely Reports First Lady Melania Trump Will Not Move to White House
  38. NBC’s “Today Show” Deceptively Edits Giuliani Comments on Trump’s Immigration Pause
  39. New York Times Caught Lying About Number Detained By Trump’s Refugee Pause
  40. Atlantic Caught Lying About Trump’s Refugee Pause


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