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The Price of Freedom

We can either have “peace at any price” OR we can have freedom.  There is no in between.

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This Week In FAKE NEWS

The Slime Stream Media clearly coordinated their so-called journalistic reporting with the Hot Button Word of the Week: CHAOS!


They also spread twenty-five lies in just five days.  John Nolte described it as “a fire hose of Fake News.”  Here is the short list.  You can read in more detail at the Daily Wire link below.

1. Entire Media Lies About Trump’s Refugee Pause Being a “Muslim Ban”
2. CNN Lies About Tying Fox News In the Ratings On Inauguration Day
3. Time Magazine Blames Misreporting On Trump
4. Washington Post “Fact Checker” Attempts to Gin Up Dissent Against Trump
5. EXTRAORDINARY Lies of Omission About Foreign-Born Threats to America
6. AP Reports that Trump’s Vote Fraud Expert is Registered in Three States
7. The Viral Lie that Dick Cheney Blasted Trump Over His Refugee Pause
8. Media Lies About Trump’s Refugee Pause Based On His Business Interests
9. ABC News Accuses Trump of Not Having Family Photos in the Oval Office
10. The Islamophobic Media Lie That Refugee Pauses Create Terrorists
11. The Lie That Mike Flynn’s Son Called the Refugee Pause a ‘Muslim Ban’
12. Media Spreads Lies of “Mass Resignations” at State Department
13. New York Times’ Maggie Haberman Claims Only San Bernardino Shootings Involved ‘Non-US-Born Attacker’
14. Media Falsely Claims Obama Did Not Discriminate Against Christian Refugees
15. CNN’s Jim Sciutto Spreads Lie That “Refugee Policy Is Not Based On Religion”
16. Media Lies About Trump Installing a Gag Order Against the EPA
17. Media Covered Up and Lied About Obama’s 2011 Refugee Ban
18. Washington Post Publishes Partisan Editorial as Straight News Story
19. NBC’s Chuck Todd Falsely Claims Fear of Sexism Contributed to Major Hillary Cover-up
20. Philadelphia Inquirer Contradicts Its Own Reporting to Gotcha Trump
21. Even MORE Corrections from the Atlantic on Their Fake News Reporting About the Unborn
22. Media Spreads Lie That Trump’s Chief Advisor Told the Media to “Shut Up”
23. ABC News Memory-Holes Key Part of Trump Interview
24. WINTER IS COMING: ABC News Busted Promoting Fake Image of Trump
25. Media Falsely Claim There Is Zero Evidence of Widespread Vote Fraud



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Conquering the Devil


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Do NOT attempt to eat or drink while watching this!

You know you’re getting old when …  [15:00]

Many thanks to Jim-Bob for the laughs!  The tea up my nose, not so much.  LOL

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The Year of the Comeback

October: The Chicago Cubs come back from a 3 to 1 deficit to win their first championship in 108 years.
November: Donald Trump beats the odds and stuns the world by defeating the presumed next president and doing it handily.
February: The New England Patriots fell behind 28-3 before fighting back and ultimately winning Super Bowl 51 in stunning fashion.
There were many storylines to follow. What would Lady Gaga do? How disgusting and blatantly political would the commercials be? Would there be high drama when Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner, handed MVP Tom Brady the trophy after suspending him for the first four games as a result of Deflategate? Turns out Gaga played the halftime show without the sermon on ‘diversity’, Goodell makes $41 million a year, so he couldn’t care less, and the commercials without political statements were precious and few.

Speaking of which, a singer who was with not one but two one-hit wonders passed away 4 years after suffering a brain aneurism. Sonny Geraci scored his first hit with The Outsiders and a song called ‘Time Won’t Let Me.’ It was one of the very first albums I got and I wore it out on my old record player.

He later hit #1 again with Climax and the tune played at a lot of weddings: ‘Precious and Few’.
His hair was considerably longer by then. Love the bell bottom pants.

That had nothing to do with anything, I just wanted to do it.

VP Mike Pence shows his appreciation for veterans by escorting two wounded vets to Super Bowl
Before leaving for Houston where the game is being played Sunday night, Pence arrived at Andrews Air Force Base to escort two wounded U.S. veterans and their guests to the game with him and second lady Karen Pence.

Super Bowl Crowd ROARS for Vice President Mike Pence!
As former President George H. Bush was wheeled out in a wheelchair the cameras focused on Vice President Mike Pence in the stadium.

Protest Sign In Houston

Leftists Planning Nationwide Strike Against Trump For February 17
But the trouble is that these protests are too easily ignored and forgotten by those who wish to ignore and forget them. The barriers go up, the march takes place, the barriers come down. Everyone goes home happier.
So, presumably in order to really achieve something, Prose says she believes that America should engage in “a nonviolent national general strike” of the kind more common in Europe than stateside.








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