The New Rule

Linda Sarsour — organizer of the Women’s March and outspoken supporter of Sharia — says it is INAPPROPRIATE TO JUDGE HER for the nasty tweet she sent wayyyyyyyy back in 2011.


It is SO GOOD to know that SIX YEARS is now the official Statute of Limitations on dumb stuff.  This means we can forget about that joke printed in Justice Neil Gorsuch’s high school yearbook, that robe Senator Ted Cruz wore in college, that tasteless joke President Donald Trump made about attractive women ten years ago, and oh, I dunno, about a bazillion other things you Lefties have made A Big Hairy Deal.


Tell you what, Linda Sarsour.  You repudiate Sharia Law here and now, admit that it is evil and damaging to women, and we’ll just hug it all out, m’kay?



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