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Nigel Farage gave EU Parliament both barrels

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Man freed early from life sentence by Obama back in jail


A drug dealer’s life sentence was commuted by President Obama,

“because you have demonstrated the potential to turn your life around. … Now it is up to you to make the most of this opportunity.” – President Obama

He is behind bars today, charged with, surprise surprise, possession with intent to distribute.


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Who’s the REAL Fascist?


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DON’T express your anger!


I think there is a subtle, but very important difference between the emotion of anger and the reasons behind the emotion.  My marriage didn’t start to improve until I stopped giving in to the emotion and learned to calmly express the reasons.

Christian wisdom from Frederica Mathewes-Green:

Here’s some good advice about anger. It’s an emotion that can carry us away so easily. Back when I was in (Episc) seminary, in the 1970s, pastoral theology students were taught that it was important for people to express their anger. Don’t repress it! Let it out! When counseling parishioners, that’s what they were trained to say.

Then a few years later, some revised wisdom appeared. It was that this was actually very bad advice. They had found that, when anger is expressed, it gets stronger. Getting angry makes people more angry. As disruptive an emotion as it is, it is also in some ways pleasurable, because it wipes out any feeling of responsibility for wrong. It wipes out repentance, and the subtle reminders of conscience.

Anger proposes that only one person is to blame in a situation, and it wasn’t you. Any more-subtle understanding of the circumstances is shouted down. Logically, there is no reason why another person’s wrongdoing means that you, yourself, did not also contribute to the wrong; but anger is the great simplifier. Anger is loud, and it gratifyingly obliterates everything more nuanced on the emotional landscape.

And it feels good. Like lust, it feels important and undeniable. It feels like it would be both wrong and impossible to restrain it. Something so strong, we think, *ought* to be expressed. And once you express it, the emotional thrill is addictive, and you want more and more.

This is why, I believe, there is so much in early Christian and Orthodox writings about anger. I think there are more cautions about anger than there are about sexual sin. So pay attention to your thoughts. Notice the signs that you are getting angry. Cry out to the Lord for help to turn away, to keep your mind under your own control, and to keep your eyes open to what is really happening in a situation rather than replaying the bad guy movie in your mind.

(There’s also evidence that the physical symptoms that rush upon us when angry, like increased adrenaline, raised blood pressure, take much longer to return to normal in women than they do in men. A good reason to go do something else for awhile, rather than continuing to hash it out.)

Watch out for anger. Don’t let it get a foothold. It takes over your entire mind.


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About our southern border


A veterinarian who lives on the southern border recounts his personal experiences with drug and human traffickers.  His testimony is compelling and heart-breaking.

He asked Pelosi one question, which was, “Will you cooperate with President Trump to build a wall, hire more border patrol, and end sanctuary cities?”

Pelosi’s rambling response adds up to, “Hell, no.”  Her reasons are nonsense and, frankly, insulting to the gentleman’s real life problems.

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The Song Remains the Same

It’s pretty common knowledge that the democrats have always relied on the courts to advance their agenda when they can’t get it done legislatively. That’s why they fight so viciously over SCOTUS nominees. If the balance were ever to tip toward constructionist judges they would be dead in the water. They don’t have the power to stop the president so they have once again returned to the huge stable of liberals judges in their rolodexes that are all too happy to supplant the rule of law with their personal opinions.

Boston federal judge rejects extended stay on Trump travel ban
“The order provides a reasonably conceivable state of facts (which concerns national security and) that could provide a rational basis for the classification,” he wrote. “Accordingly, this Court declines to encroach upon the “delicate policy judgment” inherent in immigration decisions.”


Judge issues broad block against Trump’s travel ban

Seattle jurist’s sweeping order comes hours after Boston court seemed to bless president’ s anti-terror immigration halt. Then, the White House hit back.
U.S. District Court Judge James Robart ruled in favor of the attorneys general of Washington state and Minnesota on a lawsuit they brought seeking to overturn the order limiting travel to the U.S. by citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries.
The ruling prompted a typically combative reaction from the Trump White House Friday night, but in a departure from recent patterns, the most confrontational language was quickly dialed back.

Judge Appointed by George Bush Halts Trump Immigration Ban; HE’S A BLACK LIVES MATTER SUPPORTER
On Friday, federal Judge James Robart, who was appointed by former President George Bush in 2003, ruled that the President Trump’s immigration executive order would be stopped nationwide effective immediately.

Judge Robart is also a support of the radical Black Lives Matter group.

On Trial: Why Trump’s Immigration Ban Will Win Over Seattle Judge’s Nationwide Order
As the Boston judge explained, the Supreme Court provided that rational basis review merely means the law “bears some fair relationship to a legitimate public purpose.” The Supreme Court made clear rational basis review “is not a license for courts to judge the wisdom, fairness or logic of legislative choices.” (Heller v. Doe by Doe, 509 U.S. 312 (1993).

Government To File For Emergency Stay To Stop Restraining Order On Travel Ban

Again, this is all just on the restraining order. If the emergency stay is granted, the travel ban will continue until there is a decision on the merits of the case.

Chelsea Clinton Tells Kellyanne Conway, “Please Don’t Make Up Attacks”, But Gets Reminded Of A Few Facts
Kellyanne Conway misspoke, referring to a “Bowling Green massacre” when talking about terrorists discovered in Kentucky. While terrorists were erroneously let into the country and did settle in Bowling Green, Kentucky, there was no actual massacre here in the United States. Conway meant killing of U.S. soldiers in Iraq.

Chelsea Clinton then decided to attack her with the above tweet.
First, offensive to hook an attack against Kellyanne Conway with a real attack against police at the Louvre.
Second, who was your mother and what did she do?









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March for Life: Changing Hearts and Minds


A family at this year’s March for Life reported seeing a young woman and two young men carrying pro-abortion signs ahead of the march.

As the three pro-abortion protesters walked up the streets in downtown D.C., they noticed the Created Equal display showing photos and video images of aborted babies.

The woman stopped dead in her tracks and started to cry. Then, she put down her pro-abortion sign and picked up a pro-life sign.

The two men left her alone and crying, but some pro-lifers approached and showed her love and support.

Call me crazy, but I’m guessing none of the pro-lifers who crashed the Women’s March had their beliefs flipped 180°.


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