This week in Media Failures and Fake News


Here are the stories the Left Stream Media botched this week:

Trump Eases Russia Sanctions

Oops!  Turns out the thing was a “technical fix” that the Obama administration had planned but didn’t get around to making official.

Trump Threatened To Invade Mexico

Oops!  Turns out that Trump offered Mexico our assistance in its fight with drug cartels.

Iraqi Mother Dies Because of Trump’s Immigration Ban

Oops!  Turns out the woman died before the ban was even signed.

Judge Gorsuch Started A “Fascism Club” in High School

Oops!  Turns out the “club” was a joke and never actually existed.

Trump Renamed “Black History Month” To “African American History Month”

Oops!  Turns out that “National African American History Month” has been the official title for decades.

Trump Setting Up A Supreme Court “Contest” Between Judges

More than Oops!  This one turned out to be plain old FAKE NEWS that was uncritically passed on by CNN because it made Trump look bad.


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