Leftist Outrage is Misplaced and Immature


From Jonathon van Maren at Life Site News:

“For the last couple of weeks, everyone has been going insane. I have never seen this level of hysteria, hyperbolic rhetoric, and fearmongering, not even when the Left collectively decided that George W. Bush was worse than Hitler.

“It appears that the progressive movement has decided that a former New York liberal is the embodiment of pure evil and represents everything that must be opposed, however incoherently. Some of the critiques are warranted, but all of them, so far, have been hypocritical—especially considering that the other option for president of the United States was Hillary Rodham Clinton. …

“With Trump’s arrival, they have found that their exaggerated sense of self-righteousness does not entitle them to anything in a democracy. They gave up making arguments quite some time ago, and instead spent their time lecturing the rest of us sanctimoniously. People got tired of it, and took their power away.

“I was no Trump fan, but now that Trump is president, I take the same approach as Ben Shapiro and the National Review: Support the president when we can support him, and criticize him when we can’t. In other words, treat him like a flawed politician. The Left, however, is treating him like an invading demon that they must exorcise, and have completely lost their ability to see things objectively.”

Read the rest of this excellent summary of the Left’s insanity here.

CtH: Marren says, “The brazen hypocrisy of the Left combined with their swooning hysteria have revealed that they have lost their ability to see those they disagree with in political terms.”

I would suggest that they have lost their ability to see us in HUMAN terms.  How else could Nancy Pelosi go so far as to cast her party as righteous saviors against all of us traditional, patriotic Americans, Republicans, people of faith, and pro-lifers?

She actually said that we “pray in church on Sunday and then prey on people the rest of the week.”  Yet she is the one screaming loudly for taxpayer funding of abortion on demand and without restrictions.

We’re not the ones who said that investigating Planned Parenthood for trafficking in fetal remains was “un-American.”  Or who claimed that homosexual “marriage” was consistent with Catholic teaching, which is is totally not.

As for her statement on late-term abortion —  “As a practicing and respectful Catholic, this is sacred ground to me when we talk about this.” — dear God in Heaven, do not get me started.

We’re not the predators or the hypocrites, Ms. Pelosi.  I’d like to hope and pray you wake up and repent before it’s too late, because Hell awaits.  Sadly, I suspect you’ve been stewing in your sinful lies for so long that you’re past the point where you are capable of repentance.



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