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No more blue dogs

Sen. Ted Cruz: Putting Democrats on Record on 2d Amendment

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News, Too

Tonight is President Trump’s first formal address to a joint session of Congress.

Rosie O’Donnell to Lead Anti-Trump Protest Outside White House
The rally — dubbed “A Resistance Address: Defending American Values in a Time of Moral Crisis” — is set to begin Tuesday at 6 p.m. Eastern.
O’Donnell’s decade-long public feud with Trump reached a new low after the election when the former View host shared a video on social media that questioned whether or not Trump’s youngest son, Barron, was autistic. While O’Donnell eventually apologized to Melania Trump for attacking her 10-year-old, the 54-year comedienne ratcheted up her criticism of Trump’s administration.

Democrats Prepare to Troll President Trump During Major Speech to Congress
Each legislator is allowed a handful of tickets for the public gallery, so that interested constituents and guests can be present for what is typically the President’s most important speech of the year.
This year, Democrats will be using their tickets as part of an organized effort to invite the families of illegal immigrants, DREAMers protected by former President Obama’s executive orders on immigration, and Muslim-Americans they claim will be harmed by Trump’s temporary travel ban. (A court has stayed Trump’s travel ban.)

Dems bringing young undocumented immigrants to Trump’s speech
Rep. Ami Bera (D-Calif.) is bringing Alfredo Rivas, a 25-year-old student who came from El Salvador at the age of 13 and wants to be an immigration attorney.
“When people ask me where I’m from, I say ‘California’ but I have worried every day since the election that my family or I could get deported at any time,” Rivas said in a statement.

Trump’s joint session speech to feature anecdotes from listening sessions
“A lot of what went into this came from the sit-downs and listening sessions that President Trump has done with healthcare industry leaders, law enforcement officials, union representatives and coal miners,” a senior White House official told reporters Monday night in reference to the president’s upcoming speech.

The official said Trump is still working with his team to put finishing touches on the major speech which will focus renewing “the American spirit” and providing “an optimistic vision for real Americans.”

“Americans have been waiting for help from their leaders for too long and during his speech the president will let them know that help is on the way,” the official said.

Widow of Murdered Police Officer Invited to Attend Trump’s Address to Congress
Elizabeth Snyder, the wife of murdered St. Louis County police officer Blake Snyder, has been invited by President Donald Trump to attend his address to Congress on Tuesday.
Snyder said she is honored to be invited to sit in House chambers and looks forward to what Trump will say about law enforcement, Fox 2 in St. Louis reported Monday.
Snyder’s husband was killed while responding to a disturbance call on the evening of Oct. 6.
Police believe Blake Snyder was shot dead after he asked to see 18-year-old Trenton Forster’s hands.
He was rushed to the hospital but later succumbed to his injuries.

Trump invites families of those killed by illegal immigrants to speech
President Trump has invited the family members of those killed by illegal immigrants and the widow of Justice Antonin Scalia to attend his address to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday night.

Maureen McCarthy Scalia will attend the speech, along with Jessica Davis and Susan Oliver — both widows of California police officers killed by an illegal immigrant in 2014.
The president is expected to highlight his campaign to deport illegal immigrants who have committed crimes in the United States.

Times presents ‘news’ that’s just propaganda for Bam
Want to know why President Trump rails about a “dishonest” press? Consider a Page One “news” story in Monday’s New York Times.
The headline, “Widespread Cuts in Trump Budget Bypass Military,” suggests news about the president’s spending plans. But the piece never says much about them — because it gets lost recalling the glories of President Barack Obama to rebut Trump’s claim that he inherited a “mess.”
By the time Obama gave his first speech to Congress (Trump gives his Tuesday), the Times claims, he already had an “impressive string of accomplishments,” including “actions that would ultimately help stabilize the financial and automotive sectors.”
Uh, no: Congress OK’d the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program while George W. Bush was president, and it was TARP that calmed the financial crisis. And the $800 billion “stimulus package” Obama pushed through in his first weeks was a flop. He himself later admitted those “shovel-ready jobs” didn’t exist.

Truth Doesn’t Matter to The New York Times







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Works for me!



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They’re not happy unless they’re mad

Just a guess here, but I’m pretty sure Kellyanne took HER shoes OFF first.




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ADDRESS TO THE NATION // President Trump plans to unveil a ‘bold agenda’ in congressional address. He told governors at a White House meeting that he’s crafting his own Obamacare replacement plan.

HEALTH CARE // GOP conservatives oppose the draft Obamacare replacement that was leaked on Friday. Sen. Rand Paul, R-KY, called it ‘Obamacare lite.’ Rep. Mark Walker, chairman of the 172-member Republican Study Committee, said it had “serious problems.”

CABINET // Wilbur Ross approved by the Senate as Secretary of Commerce.

CATHOLIC // U.S. Bishops denounce anti-Semitic attacks and pledge solidarity with the Jewish community. More than 50 bomb threats targeting the Jewish community have also been reported across the country since the beginning of the year.

NEAT // The first woman to earn a doctorate in computer science was a nun.

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Just a reminder


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Trump, Jobs, and Pelosi’s latest lying rant

“He has no jobs bill”

The hypocrisy of this woman to sneer at whatever Trump may or may not do to benefit “his rich friends.”  During the recession in 2009, when the rest of us were getting poorer, HER NET WORTH DOUBLED.  

As for Trump not having some kind of jobs bill … this is typical Dem thinking that you have to LEGISLATE to get jobs.  No, you have to GET OUT OF THE WAY and let entrepreneurs create jobs.  Trump has done a lot already to free up the private sector to create jobs, something Pelosi either can’t understand or refuses to admit.

And the jobs numbers show that it’s already working.


During Obama’s first month in office, the Employment Population Ratio was 60.6%.  Despite the so-called “action” Pelosi says was taken by Obama “in his first four weeks”, this number DROPPED into the 58s and stayed stuck there until June 2014.

During all 8 years that Obama was in office, it only got as high as 59.9% twice, once in March of 2016 and again in January of 2017, the same month that Trump took over.

Below is a historical look at Employment Population Ratios correlated with political party control in D.C.  I think it’s fairly obvious that Republicans are much better at promoting JOBS than Democrats are.




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Democrats calling out Democrats for CHEATING

Does it get any better than this?  The party that’s known for cheating to win elections is complaining about cheaters cheating the cheaters out of a win.


Interim Chair, cheating cheater Donna Brazille (who got caught sending debate questions to Hillary), decided they would use paper ballots for the vote to choose the new chair.

Now, the Progressive Change Committee has filed a complaint, citing a DNC rule that “secret ballots are not permitted.”


Remember when a Democrat party operative was caught on camera by James O’Keefe saying Democrats have been committing voter fraud for years?

Yeah.  Me too.

Between cheating and witch hunts, the Democrats have serious problems.

That and being Communists of course.


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Ash Wednesday is the day after tomorrow


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Zombie Posts

According to digital expert, Michael Brown, “A zombie post is a fake, purchased, or rented Facebook profile that’s expressing the views of an organization as if it was his or her own. But, when in reality, the comment being expressed is done on software and written by generally one or two people. So, the zombie posts will go out on a schedule and then they are supported by zombie likes.”


Brown evaluated 226,000 pro-Obamacare posts made by 40,000 Facebook profiles and found that 60% of them had been made by just 100 profiles and had been posted between the hours of 9 and 5 Pacific Time.

He concluded that a majority of the “people” who are defending Obamacare online and in social media are either zombie posters or else people who are being paid to troll.

He also points out that both sides do this.

BTW, nobody posting at PoliNation is a member of the undead.  And we fershure are not getting paid!  LOL


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