Obama ended “wet foot, dry foot” for Cuban refugees

The left-wing’s rage over Trump’s immigration policy change is hypocritical, given that they had no problem whatsoever just a few weeks ago when Obama ended “wet foot, dry foot.”

This longstanding immigration policy allowed any Cuban who made it to U.S. soil to stay and become a legal resident.

Obama said that by sending unvetted Cubans back home, “We are treating Cuban migrants the same way we treat migrants from other countries.”

Actually … not so much, since Obama had a long-standing policy of requiring LEOs to ignore immigration law when it came to illegals who had come across the Rio Grande.


Personally, I think his attitude toward the latter was because those illegals tend to vote Democrat, even while they’re still illegal … something BTW that he TOLD THEM shortly before November’s election WAS A-OKAY.

As for banning Cuban refugees?  Well, they tend to become Americans and vote Republican.



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