Who is and always has been truly pro-life?

The Republican Party, that’s who.  In the 19th c., Democrats sided with slavers. In the 20th c., they opposed civil rights legislation.  It was only after LBJ saw the writing on the wall that he jumped his party on board the Black Train and, as he so colorfully put it, got “niggers votin’ Democrat.”


Since then, Democrats have owned the governments of cities like Chicago and Detroit, which they managed to turn into hell holes for blacks.  And they have promoted abortion and funded Planned Parenthood, which targets minority communities, for what has amounted to a genocidal attack on poor people of color.


Former president Obama used to mark the March for Life with a White House proclamation praising Roe v. Wade.  If a state cut funds to Planned Parenthood, he’d send federal funds, despite the undeniable fact that the founder of Planned Parenthood was a flaming racist.


But the times they are a’changing.  As in the days of our first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, we again have an abolitionist in the White House!


I read where Whoopi Goldberg said anti-abortion activists should stop using the name “pro-life” because supposedly “everyone is for life.” I don’t agree with her on any of that, including the last part. I know there are people who profit off of and even revel in death.

But what amused me greatly was that Goldberg felt compelled to try to co-opt the name for her side. Clearly, we are making HUGE progress with the public. Otherwise, she’d never do that, right?!

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