Media Bias and Crowd Sizes – Updated

Two Washington Post headlines provide a quick lesson in left-wing media bias.  The 440,000 at the Women’s March was headlined as “massive crowds” while the 500,000 at the March for Life was headlined as “thousands gather.”


Washington Post Headline for Women’s March: “Massive crowds”

The estimated crowd size for the D.C. Women’s March was 440,000.  The “one million” crowd size cited referred to the sum of all the estimated crowds at all of the American cities that had simultaneous marches.


Washington Post Headline for March for Life: “Thousands assemble”

EWTN guessed the crowd size at about half a million.  It should be noted that while the Women’s March was a first and maybe one time only event, this year’s March for Life was the 44th.  People even showed up last year when a blizzard dumped 2 feet of snow on D.C.



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