“DHS is in the business of saving lives.”

Lots of good stuff in this video welcoming General John Kelly to his new job heading up DHS.

  • “When it comes to public safety, there’s no room for politics.”
  • “I will be a president for everyone.”
  • “We will heal our country.”

President Trump at the Dept of Homeland Security [16:31]

On Fox News Wednesday night, Laura Wilkerson of https://www.enforcethelaw.org/ debated immigration activist (and illegal immigrant) Jose Antonio Vargas on President Donald Trump’s new executive orders on immigration.

Vargas said that yesterday was a “tough” day for him because of Trump’s executive action. Wilkerson, whose son was killed by an illegal, responded, “I don’t know if you understand what a tough day is in the life of a parent who’s lost a child at the hands of an illegal in this country.”


The Remembrance Project: Families of those who have died at the hands of illegals

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