Genital Based Feminism


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  • Every year around 800,000 people protest the ruling of Roe vs Wade. They get less coverage than the 500,000 people marching in DC right now.
  • “Genital-based feminism” is an uncomfortably accurate turn of phrase.
  • I would think the pussy hats would make sex workers feel more included…?
  • Being a liberal must be exhausting.
  • The ongoing fight for ultimate victimhood.
  • I seriously can’t keep up anymore.
  • These people are beyond parody at this point

From Stilton Jarlsberg: “On the first full day of Donald Trump’s administration, millions of women gathered in cities around the world to deliver the message, powerfully and unequivocally, that we dodged a real bullet by not electing a vagina-owner as President.

“Oh sure, that wasn’t the message they meant to send – but what the hell else is anyone (male or female) with more than a spoonful of brains supposed to think? The angry protesters donned ‘pussy hats’ and vagina costumes to prove they’re not just sex objects and should be taken seriously.  Which, frankly, we find hard to do when a glowering woman has turned her face into a clitoris.”


Just thinking the original suffragettes like Susan B. Anthony are probably spinning in their graves.



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  1. Pretty sick stuff these days. 😦


  2. No matter how cynical I get, I just can’t keep up.

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