From Matt Walsh:

I challenge anyone at the “Women’s March” or anyone who supports it to name one single right men have in America that women do not. Just one. Just one right. Give me just one right that you lack which may justify all of this hyperventilating.

If you turn the question around, I can, in fact, name some rights women have in America that men do not. At least one, anyway, but it’s a big one: Women have the right to kill their kids. Now, that’s not a positive right, not a good right, not an actual right that springs from Natural Law, but it is a legal entitlement given only to women.

So where do women lack rights? Yes, things like rape and domestic violence occur all too often, but these aren’t examples of legal persecutions. Violence against women is illegal. If the perpetrators are not always punished it’s because these crimes often prove difficult to investigate and prosecute. It isn’t because the court system or society are somehow OK with abuse so long as women are the victims.

And if these sorts of things are examples of women not having rights, then we must conclude that men lack rights because they fare significantly worse in our school system and in our court system. Our prisons are stocked mostly with men. Most victims of violent crime are men. Most homicides are men. Most robbery victims are men. So on and so on. Men are more likely to commit suicide, abuse drugs, drop out of school, etc. Men are more likely to get injured on the job because men do most of the dirty and dangerous work in America. Not because they alone have a right to do it but because women choose not to do it. The point is, men face their own obstacles and suffer their own abuses apart from what the law stipulates.

What I’m trying to figure out, again, is where women are being INSTITUTIONALLY or LEGALLY victimized or disenfranchised or put upon or deprived of their constitutional rights in America. Where is this happening? Seriously, where?

There are, I admit, a few places where you may see something like this happening. The abortion industry and the porn industry come immediately to mind. But the feminists who do most of the complaining usually give those industries a pass. So what’s left?

Any ideas?





Yeah, that’s what I thought.

JUST IN CASE any of all y’all are tempted to say “gender wage gap,” let me please remind you that this has been debunked over and over and over.  It simply does not exist.

The Myth of the Gender Wage Gap [5:54]

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