The contrast between the old president and the new one is stark. The old has not done anything that comes to mind… ANYTHING… in his entire tenure to actually make things better for all Americans, not just Muslims, violent predators, and every tinpot dictator on the planet.

Trump realized when he first ran for office it would be no bed of roses. The left and their house organs despise him and will devote their every waking moment his entire term to attacking him. Any other Republican would be walking on eggshells, trying to avoid criticism, to no avail. Trying to defend themselves every time they’re accused of racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. is sport to the media shills.

The Donald is different. He’s not in anybody’s pocket. He asks no one’s approval. He couldn’t care less what they say or do. In an interview he taped with FNC’s Ainsley Erhart due to air tonight he was asked about Penis Head Lewis and the 1/4 of Congressional Democrats who are boycotting his inauguration. He said “Good. More room for people who support me.”

He doesn’t take office for two days yet but he’s already done more to put Americans back to work than the worthless piece of garbage who’s about to take another vacay to Palm Springs.

President-Elect Trump: Rep. John Lewis ‘Grandstanding’ on Inauguration Boycott

“As far as other people not going, that’s okay cuz we need seats so badly! I hope they give me their tickets, are they going to give us their tickets?”

Earhardt: “You’re okay with them not going.”

Trump: “No, what happens to their tickets? I hope they’re gonna give us their tickets.”

Trump Jobs Boom Continues Before Inauguration Day
The number of companies announcing investment — and in many cases a return to investment — in the U.S.A. with a corresponding rush to create jobs for Americans has continued to grow even before President-elect Donald Trump takes office.

In the weeks after his election on November 8, a series of large corporations announced major initiatives to expand in the U.S. but, since then, the number has only grown.

Wal-Mart Boards the Trump Train, Will Invest $6.8 Billion and Create 10K Jobs
Walmart has announced that it will invest $6.8 billion in the United States and create 10,000 more jobs for Americans in stores and e-commerce, a strong response to the victory of President-elect Donald Trump.

The investment will create 59 new or relocated Walmart and Sam’s Club stores throughout the country which will in return create an estimated 24,000 construction jobs, the company said in a statement.

WINNING AGAIN! Bayer Promises Trump Multi-Billion Dollar Investment In The U.S., New Jobs
“After [Trump’s] meeting with Bayer and Monsanto CEOs, Bayer has committed to $8 billion in new U.S. research and development. Bayer will also keep 100% of Monsanto’s 9,000 plus U.S. workforce, and add 3,000 new U.S. high-tech jobs,” incoming White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said during a press conference call.

Separately, the companies promised to spend $16 billion for research and development in agriculture over the next six years with half of those funds dedicated to the U.S.

The Trump Effect: Hyundai-Kia To Spend $3.1Billion In U.S. Over 5 years; Create New Jobs
Hyundai Motor and Kia join a growing list of automakers announcing investments in the U.S., even though they have yet to be singled out by Trump. Toyota Motor Corp., Ford Motor Co. and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV said this month they’ll spend on U.S. plants after the president-elect threatened for months to slap Mexico-built vehicles with a 35 percent import tax. Carmakers are eager to cooperate with the incoming administration as they prepare to ask for favors including weaker fuel economy rules and lower corporate taxes.

Trump Wants ‘The People’ at the Inauguration, Not Celebrities

President-elect Donald Trump told Fox News’ Ainsley Earhardt in a Wednesday interview that the celebrities who refuse to attend his upcoming inauguration were not invited anyway.

“Many of the celebrities that are saying they’re not going, they were never invited,” Trump said. “I don’t want the celebrities; I want the people.”









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    A new Gallup poll finds that American believe the country slid backwards in 14 out of 19 policy domains, with the worst deterioration in the national debt, crime, income inequality, and race relations.


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    Euler Hermes North America chief economist Dan North: “I have a problem with people saying we’re at full employment. We have a record 95 million people sitting on the sidelines. To me, that’s hardly full employment.”


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    “The poverty rate has floated at 40-year highs throughout his term of office.”