On the shoulders of a giant


If MLK were alive today, the Democrats would be calling him the same names they use for Justice Clarence Thomas, Doctor Ben Carson, and Senator Tim Scott, because he was opposed to abortion and most likely voted Republican.

I googled his abortion stance and found that, while he did receive the Margaret Sanger award, it was at a time when Planned Parenthood was itself repudiating abortion, at least publicly.  Sanger’s support for abortion and her rabid racism have both been well documented but only in more recent years.  MLK was pro-birth control, but made many statements against abortion.

I also googled his Republicanism and found the Left whining a lot about how it has never been confirmed.  He apparently never got political, but it is easily confirmed that the Republican Party was the primary force behind civil rights legislation.  Northern Democrats were for it, but Southern Democrats were opposed.  The DNC claims undue credit only because their racist president, LBJ, was more or less forced to sign it.


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